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Juraj Jarabek finished as FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble coach. According to owner Viliam Ondrejka at Monday's joint meeting, associated with the assessment of the club's current season performance in the season's highest season, Jarabek himself asked him to finish as head coach.

Juraj Jarábek.

Juraj Jarábek.
Author: TASR,
Martin Baumann

"I accepted the offer and then agreed with the previous assistant
Banislav Mraz to lead the team as the main coach by the end of this
of the competition, "said Viliam Ondrejka in his Facebook profile
FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble.

Ondrejka also said that Juraj Jarábek by the end of the calendar year
will operate in the structures of the club. "At the same time as the club owner
thank you for acting as a senior coach, "he added.
the long-time head of V. Ondrejka's gold hockey football.

The FC ViOn team of Zlaté Moravce-Vráble is the final light
in the classification of the largest Slovakian football competition after the 14th round.
The players of the Zittau club on Saturday are the two most deserved
"Drenched" teams fell at home Senica FK 0: 3 and overpowered
with 8 points in the last 12th place in the Fortuna League table, falling behind
three points only for Záhorie's team.

FC ViOn players also played "out" and eighth in the championship season
2018/2019 and, in addition to the spring part of the highest grade
contests were slapped in this calendar year in all 14

Overview of coaching changes

FK Senica

  • Ton Caanen (finalized after the second day) – Frederico Ricardo Cordeiro Rodrigues
    (round 3)

ŠKF iClinic Sere

  • Michal Gašparík st. (finished after the 7th round) – Karel Stromšík (from
    Round 8)

AS Trenčín

  • Ricardo Moniz (finished after the 13th round) – Vladimir Cifranic (from
    14 laps)

FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble

  • Juraj Jarabek (finished after the 14th round) – Branislav Mráz (de
    15 turns)


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