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It has a range of 30 km and max. speed 35 km / h. This scooter now costs only € 240!

The electric scooter market has experienced a huge boom in 2017. No wonder. Urban "closeness" is the perfect way to get from A to B quickly and efficiently. The king of electric scooters was the Xiaomi solution, which has a great competition – the KUGOO S1.


price: 272 € | coupon: S1KUGOO | availability: EU Warehouse

The new scooter has a strong 350 W motorwhich can develop speed up to 35 km / h. thank you 6 Ah battery you can take decent on a charge Traveler ratingwhich is definitely not a bit.

However, the manufacturer claims that people of lower weight can naturally expect even greater reach. Scooter with from 0% to 100% Total Charges 4 hours.

The good news is that, unlike the Xiaomi M365, which has a 100 kg limit, KUGOO can also lead people with weight up to 120 kg. Of course, you can not miss it. Durability IP54 against water, so you will not be caught for a short shower.

The advantage of the scooter may be its wheels. Unlike pneumatic wheels in the Xiaomi tie in KUGOO tire are not. This will prevent defects and other problems associated with conventional wheels.

View instead of application

And finally there's something I lost in Xiaomi – display with all data directly on the scooter. This means that in full driving overview, range, mileage and more detailed statistics you no longer need to open the application (which KUGOO does not have).

You can adjust while driving 3 modes by speed – 15 km / h, 25 km / h and 30 km / h. For maximum comfort, you can also set height of construction– in 930 mm, 1070 mm or 1160 mm. The Scooter will be reviewed soon, so we'll bring you more details later.

If you want KUGOO S1, do not hesitate. Located in the Polish warehouse, which means you come quickly and without paying VAT. We ordered from there. As for prices, it stopped at € 272. Just type a coupon S1KUGOO.

Action in the helmet of grace

Scooter | Helmet | coupon: KUGOO624

If you like the KUGOO S1 scooter, do not be surprised. The Geekbuying store has already launched an action to get a helmet worth the scooter more than € 13 free. Simply put the KUGOO S1 scooter and put this helmet in the basket and insert a coupon before paying KUGOO624. However, the action only pays for the first 50 clients, then hurry up.

At the same time, GeekBuying promised that if there were problems with the scooter, he would be happy to replace it with a new one. Just send the old one to Poland.

KUGOO S1 for € 245

You may be wondering how we came to the conclusion that the KUGOO S1 scooter is worth it € 245 Good observation, we explained. Geekbuying June 24 to June 30 triggered an action during which you can get a so-called cashback worth up to $ 30, which is calculated 27 €. This coupon is you should ask at this address. Just enter request number KUGOO S1, your email address used to sign up for GeekBuying and wait until you see "coupons"He'll find out a new coupon.

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