India threatens space station, chief of NSA criticizes them


The shooting created 400 rubble.

April 2, 2019 at 13:31 CTK

Washington. India's satellite satellite test was a terrible thing, because at least 400 pieces of debris, some of which threaten the crew of the International Space Station (ISS).

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Jim Bridenstine, head of the US National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA), said so.

He found these tests unacceptable because they threatened the safety of manned space flights.

"It is a terrible and terrible thing to do something that will send debris to the apogee (the farthest point of the planet in orbit) that is above the International Space Station," Bridenstine said at a meeting in Washington Monday and broadcast on Nasa TV .

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Threat of collision with the ISS

A week ago, India announced that it had destroyed the satellite with an anti-satellite missile in orbit at a height of 300 kilometers, and that the debris due to its low orbit would disappear within a few weeks into the atmosphere.


Such activity is not compatible with future manned flights.


Jim Bridenstine, chief of NASA, on the capture of Indian satellites

Although the ISS is moving in orbit about four hundred kilometers above the surface, according to Bridenstein, 24 pieces of debris have appeared in the Indian test, which are on the station during circulation.

"This is not compatible with future pilot flights," said Bridenstine.

"It's unacceptable and NASA should be very clear about the consequences for us," he added.

Although NASA identified 400 fragments, Bridenstine explained that tracking is only possible for objects larger than 10 centimeters.

There are about 60 remains of the Indian satellite under control. The threat of collision of the ISS with small debris increased 44% after the Indian test in the next 10 days, according to

Extinction lasts for decades

The US military, which assesses the risk of space collisions in orbit, is currently tracking 23,000 objects larger than 10 centimeters, including 10,000 debris.

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About 3,000 fragments were created during the Chinese satellite in 2007. At that time, China destroyed an orbiting satellite 865 kilometers above the surface, which experts and some countries call gaming because debris threatens the operation of other satellites and security of space flight.

The extinction of all the remains of Chinese tests will take tens of years.

In 1978, American astrophysicist Donald Kessler came up with the theory that, for the orbit growth of Earth's orbit, mankind would not be able to fly into space for generations to come, or operate satellites on the road below. In this regard, he warned against a cascade effect in which each collision will lead to further collisions.

Who knocked down satellites yet?

In addition to India and China, the United States and Russia have also successfully tested anti-satellite weapons. The United States last destroyed the satellite in orbit in February 2008, when it was a defective military intelligence satellite.

Washington officially justified the protection of human lives. There was a tank with about half a ton of toxic hydrazine in the satellite, which could enter the atmosphere and reach the inhabited area.

But it is speculated that the real reason is that the US feared that the espionage technology was in the hands of foreign governments, or that it was a response to the Chinese test of satellite scrambling. The American satellite was destroyed in low orbit, so it was assumed that the debris would burn in the atmosphere within a few weeks.


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