Inbox is definitely dead. Now forever


After Google officially announced the disruption of its Inbox email client, many people lamented. However, owners of Android devices have figured out a way to continue using Inbox, but they are no longer working.

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He informed the portal about the AndroidPolice. Owners of Android smartphones wishing to continue using Inbox simply downloaded an older version and manually installed it on their devices. Thus, users ran an older version of Inbox v1.77, but it was automatically updated to v1.78, where the buzz appears for Gmail.

How does this inform the portal? Gadgets360, when you re-download an older version and try to sign in, users will receive an error message. The only option that Inbox can still run are the devices with v1.77 installed by users and with automatic updates turned off. in Reddit however, they say they do not receive any more incoming notifications and also need to manually update the mailbox. It seems that this is already the definitive end of the extremely popular Inbox service.


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