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Huawei Mate X: a future fast phone test!

The Huawei Mate X is a foldable smartphone that has been discussed for several years. We already know the equipment that has lived up to now in our imagination during the MWC 2019. During the last weekend, we were able to spend some moments with him, which gave us enough time to create an initial vision of him.

You can see the Huawei Mate X during the IXPO Technology Festival, where we found it. Thanks to cooperation with Huawei, however, we had the opportunity to take it into our own hands and really test how tight the foldable joint display changing 6.6 ", resp. 6.38 "Full, 8" Tablet Smartphone. And the result is really interesting.

Huawei Mate X: Equipment and price

Huawei Mate X is a complete chipset device Kirin 980, 8 GB RAM, 4,500 mAh drums Connectivity 5G and a repository that would also embarrass some laptops.

Rich equipment comes with a "rich" price. Huawei has been known for a few years by affordable smartphones, which is clearly changing with Mate X. Huawei has confirmed that Mate X will be in Slovakia in September attack the border € 2,500which is definitely not a bit. However, a foldable smartphone is not intended for ordinary consumers.

Huawei Mate X: Design and Display

Huawei Mate X is a foldable smartphone whose screen to compose in the opposite direction of the Galaxy Fold. This means that in practice when folded you have access to a display that occupy the entire front surface. Samsung Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, when offers doubled only 4.6 "display with rough frames.

Located in the back little buttonthis ensures that the phone maintained in a folded state. When pressed, the screen is released and you can distributed by 8 FullView tablets. Kill X, of course, use OLED Displaywhich can turn off some pixels or equal parts of your view. This means that when you look at the phone in a folded state, the rest of the large screen will be off, saving energy. The remaining pixels light up when you unfold.

But back to design. Located on the "back" side vertical basewhere they are three stored camerasto be same as for Huawei P30 Pro. In a short test, we confirmed this by expanding Bratislava Castle, which looked like the P30 Pro in Mate X. If the same photo equipment will be in the final version, of course we do not know yet.

They are located next to the structure volume keys and button to turn on and off the device on which it is hidden fingerprint sensor. Huawei claims that the fingerprint reader could not integrate directly into the monitor because the foldable display is a new technology that still does not work. However, we are sure that they will figure out how to get you there.

In the background we find USB C port for loading and transferring data.

Huawei Fellow X: The Greatest Weakness

Foldable smartphones should also have mobile parts that can be a fairly large "tape" with such expensive smartphones. But we did not feel that it was a big problem with the Mate X. The hinge was solid, very much in some places. When we were bending we were not afraid of anything, my teeth began to shave as I was approaching the maximum tablet of 8 tablets. I felt it was too real was too much and bend in the other direction. I believe it's just a "stupid" feeling, but it was there.

Huawei confirmed to us that Companion X amusingly in lab tests He got 100,000 folds, which gives us the belief that, unlike the Galaxy Fold, it will survive in real conditions. However, the lab test also passed Fold, so for now we will not jump to conclusions.

Perhaps the greatest weakness Companion X is display resistance, respectively. your lack Smartphones should have plastic OLED panelsthis can be done Scrape much easier than glass monitors. Due to the Mate X design, where the smartphone screen front, back and even even on one side will be the possibility of scratching the greater risk. Huawei has not yet there is no casethat the Mate X could protect, that is, if I did not tell the classic sock.

In this regard, it certainly beats the Galaxy Fold, whose foldable display protects the exterior construction.

Huawei Mate X: Cameras

The screen, which actually occupies the whole front, Huawei had to make some concessions, especially for cameras. For example, in front of the device in an unfolded condition you will not find the front camera. To take a selfie photo of him so you have to give up and take a picture.

This is on the other side. super solutionas Rear Cameras they are almost always much betterthan those in front. Well, folding your phone does not take more than a second or two.

The interesting trick that Mate X has when photographing is that the viewfinder is seen by the photographer and the person photographed. If you take pictures of your half that may be interested in the beautiful photos, you do not need to show her photo after taking a photo. To see how the picture looks like a summer look on the back of the device.

Huawei Mate X: Battery and other equipment and software

They are on Huawei Mate X two batteries with combined capacity 4,500 mAh, which is slightly more than the Galaxy Fold again. However, the Huawei battery should display a larger screen, indicating that the battery life may be shorter or shorter. similar.

One thing where Huawei is really expert is to charge the battery. Mate X supports up to 55 W charging power (P30 Pro has 40 W), which is capable of charging 85% battery 0% for 30 minutes.

It is running on Mate X edited version of Android with EMUIwho behaved surprisingly mature and fluent. The environment has changed fluently from phone to tablet and vice versa. Of course, Huawei has a few months to optimize the software, so evaluating the software in this way would not be fair. However, so far they seem to be on a very good road.

Huawei Fellow X: Is this the future?

Spending time with Huawei Mate X was something special to me, technologically always a hungry person. It was something I had not experienced for a long time with the phones. the last time I traded a Windows Mobile phone for a full Android phone ten years ago.

The Huawei Mate X is well built smartphone that is even when folded, has dignified performance flagship, 5G connectivity, crazy fast charging and photographic equipment that is the best to buy. my until some weaknesseswith which we have become accustomed, or completely degenerate the vision of having a smartphone like that.

The screen is smooth and easy to scratch, which can be a problem under real conditions of use. It looks like you're pulling plastic, which does not add a premium feel. But all of this is the fact that you are holding a 21st century worthy phone in your hands.

However you can pay € 2,500 over the phone only selected clients. So let's see what Huawei will come next year with the time when smartphone technology may be cheaper. However, the first half of 2019 shows that we are facing a huge revolution that is starting to emerge now.

By the time we spent with Mate X, we thank Huawei.

Curiosity: A prototype of Mate X currently costs € 20,000!

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