How did Kylie Jenner lose weight? She eliminated all those meals


Successful model, influencer and entrepreneur is very pleased that his old character is back in the game! Excuse!

How time flies! After all, it was only in the media that Kylie Jenner was pregnant and the baby was waiting with a young rapper, Travis Scott. Now, the lovely Stormi Webster has thirteen months and the first careful steps.

An additional 18 pounds

Kylie admitted in the media, three months after giving birth, that she gained 18 pounds during pregnancy, but would like to drop it as fast as possible.

Recently, she posted on Instagram that she is proud to have a "postpartum belly." The world's youngest billionaire does not like exercise, and when he wants to lose weight, he prefers healthy eating.

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"I'm basically very poor, not like my sister, Kendall, she's the real-world top model.I always had a flat belly, but I agreed to be different after giving birth.

I stopped eating what I love

I feel that this is also related to the fact that I feel everything I like – pizza, pasta, dairy. I stopped consuming them for a while, so I lost weight. That's my trick, "she told the fans.

Kylie knew that her postpartum character would not be ideal. She ate a lot of sweets during her pregnancy, and she quickly got it. "Yes, it took me a year to lose weight and besides the small imperfect stomach, I am now!"

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