He puts his horns at 15 years younger: Milenecký triangle in Slovak scouting!


Juraj Nvota was born on March 1, 1954. He studied theater direction at the Academy of Music, but also acted as an actor. At age 22 he appeared in the famous movie Pink Dreams, having appeared in about twenty films. As a director, he debuted in the naive theater of Radosinski, later he also made films, the most famous of which is about Cruel Joy.

Iva Bittová and Juraj Nvota in the movie Pink Dreams

She put her horns in

Source: SFU

In particular, Nvota is married for the third time and is the father of two children. His first wife has a son, James, who walks in his steps and is also a director. With his second wife, Annna Shishkova, she was raised by her illegitimate daughter, Dorotho, and they have a daughter, Tereza – she also performed as an actress and as a director. He was married for the third time in 2005 with the medical Marina.

The fact that he formed a couple with Shišková is all over, since the marriage of the spouses is the most watched. But the pages of the newspaper were the most favored for its caliber. At the turn of the millennium, Anka took a look at the young colleague Juraj Kemka in the theater, and the novel was not overturned.

Later, the actress admitted that she did not feel happy in her marriage, but did not seek a new love. She does not care if she does not love Kemk, but the Nvota has only one reason for divorce. With the young actor, however, she did not last long for Shiška.

Juraj Nvota and Anna Shišková

She put her horns in


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