Half of Huawei's smartphones can be doubled for two years, CEO says


Chinese company Huawei is one of the three technology companies in the world that has already embarked fully on the production of its folding smartphones. Among the three producers, Huawei, Samsung and Royoleis actually the most usable in practice as well as the most beautiful. The price of today's folding smartphones is too high for people to play on them. But there are high production costs behind everything that could be reduced significantly over the years. They could do this in the future. Folding smartphones are a common part of our everyday "technological equipment".

Huawei CEO optimistic

Head of Huawei but they are really positive and their ideas about the future are really optimistic. In the last interview of the portal GSMArena because he said that doubling smartphones would be a really normal part of our lives a few years later and would be much more than we expected.

"I think in the case of flagship models, in two years, half of our devices will be foldable" CEO said Richard Yu

A complete novelty in the market has its shortcomings

Of course the CEO of Huawei is also aware of a number of shortcomings in its debut, especially in terms of price and production costs.

"Foldable smartphones are just getting started and their market share is small they are very expensive and their production costs are high. "

Your price will be lower over time

At the same time, Richard Yu believes that the costs of production, as well as the resulting cost of equipment, will decline over the years. Within two years, his price should, he says, fall somewhere at the level of today's flagship cars. Lower prices could also be due to the fact that manufacturers in the future will also concentrate on producing smaller folding smartphones that should be put in the pocket. This possibility was confirmed by Richard Yu.

Source: techradar.com, opening image (Huawei)


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