Google Reveals Revolutionary Phone Screen Cleaner!


Everyone on the cell phone knows of a dirty display, fingerprints, food or anything else. So far, another way to manually wipe the dirt screen was not. But Google has developed a breakthrough innovation in cleaning mobile screens, a feature called Screen Cleaner. The function can automatically detect dirt on the display and start cleaning it.

After dirt is detected on the display, the cleaning process starts with tactile double motion pulses. These pulses are meant to release the impurity that falls afterwards. The Screen Cleaner creates a fine magnetic field around the phone that actively protects against dirt.

You can find the new screen cleaner in the Google Apps app. It's available in the Google Play Store and is completely free.

For a better idea of ​​how Screen Cleaner works, Google has also prepared a video featuring a new feature:


The article is the first joke of April, not a real feature 🙂


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