Google Pay is expanding its operations in Slovakia. It is supported by another well known bank


Another Slovak bank supports mobile payments with NFC chip and Google Pay. It has become Wire Bank, which informs about this official site, where a brief guide and how it works is also made public. The portal also brought information Živé.sk.

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Mobile payment is very popular among users. Is about fast and simple a way to pay for goods or services, directly with a cell phone that almost everyone has today. Only what you need is presence NFC chip and do the service your bank supported. And also protect the way each payment of up to € 20 has to be done with the display, with the value above € 20 you have to enter PIN.

google pay already supports the wire bank

FIO Bank

Among the last banks that did not offer this service Bank Wire, but this is changing after a new change. The bank announced the launch of the Google Pay, thus joining the other market players supporting the service. Course is free servicewhich is available for each client.

Thus, only the Slovak banks Tatra Banka and ČSOBwho have been chosen in their own way of mobile payments. However, public pressure should force them to back down and it is only a matter of time before these two large banks support Google service.

source: Bank Wire


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