Google has two new applications for the hearing impaired


Most applications today are designed for people with no restrictions. That's why it's always very positive when apps come in app stores that do not have the potential to become the hardest, but they help people with a few hedonic ones.

Google is the author of a wide variety of applications and is constantly developing new applications. Today, two of the world's lights have been seen, focusing on those who are deaf and those with a worsened hearing. The first is Live Transcribe. It uses the progress made by Google in recent years in the field of speech recognition. The application uses a microphone and listens to speech anywhere. Subsequently, this discourse translates into written text, making it easier for a man with hearing impairment to live.

Google Live / Google Play Transcript

Live Transcribe supports 70 world languages ​​(including English) and different dialects, multiple microphone headsets, and in designing it also meant details such as vibrating when someone starts talking. The Google application is being prepared in collaboration with the leading American university for the deaf and hard of hearing at Gallaudet University.

He is in the moment Live transcript in the beta testing phase of the Play Store. It will then be preloaded on Pixel 3 devices. If you are a regular beta tester, it will suffice to download and enable it in system settings. Settings – Availability – instant transliteration. Others may wait for the official launch of an application that will be error-free. However, the application is quite reliable and stable, even in the beta.

Google Sound Amplifier / Google Play

The other application is the Sound Amplifier, which Google presented at the Google I / O 2018 October conference. Of course, by name, the purpose of this application. Serves people with a worsened hearing to capture sounds. The application of sound is isolated from the environment and strengthens it. Ideal for capturing speech in noisy environments. The audio booster is already publicly available in the Google Play store. The only condition is to have the latest Android 9 Pie system.


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