From the famous star stripper: Look at her breathe out!


Jennifer Lopez is active in communicating with fans. Through instagram, they share snapshots of their privacy with them, but also promote their work activities. At the same time, it is also a filming of an act in which Ramon plays a stripper. "I'm an enterprising girl.I just want you to know.In the lungs during the movie Hustlers" attributed the actress to the photo in which she is posing in a savior bikini.

Jennifer spends a lot of time exercising and takes care of her character. Every one of your fans knows this. Despite this, many of the points of view of his elaborate body were quite shocking. "Absolute Perfection" sounds in many comments.

There is no doubt that the fans will also be thrilled about the film itself. Lopez revealed in recent interviews that she spent a lot of time at the post. "I was hurt. Suddenly, I felt the muscles I did not even know I had. " the famous actress.

Jennifer Lopez showed her admired body.

Jennifer Lopez

Source: Instagram

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