Monday , June 21 2021

Freight train collided with a truck in Bratislava

After the train collided with the car, rail traffic in the Bratislava Nové Mesto – Podunajské Biskupice section was stopped.

(Updated at 10:52 am for rail renewal information)

This morning, just before 9am, a freight train collided with a truck at the railroad crossing on the Ivanská road in Bratislava. Regiojet reported the collision, saying that rail transport was disrupted in the Bratislava Nové Mesto – Podunajské Biskupice section.

According to regional police spokeswoman Veronika Slamkova, this is not a traffic accident but just a damage event. "There were no injuries," she told Damage to the truck and train is minimal. However, the crossing is impassable as it still removes the consequences of a loss event.

“In the affected section, we provided a replacement bus service serving Bratislava Nové Mesto, Bratislava-Vrakuňa and Podunajské Biskupice stations. On the way to Bratislava, passengers from Podunajské Biskupice station could take advantage of the 70 and 78 public transport buses, ”said the private carrier.

He told passengers that the same tickets and integrated trams would be paid on Regiojet buses and trains.

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Line 61 has been diverted

Transport company Bratislava (DPB) reported that as of 9 am Line 61 was not selling through the railway crossing on the Ivanská road due to a train and truck accident.

“Between Trnavská and Avion Shopping Park, it was diverted through Galvaniho and Rožňavská streets. It doesn't fit the Trnavská NAD, Martinský, Clementisova and Big Media-Slowackého stops, ”added DPB.

He assured passengers that he provided three alternative buses for RegioJet SK's S70 line in the Nové Mesto – Podunajské Biskupice section. "Our dispatchers helped the flight attendants in alternative transportation," he added.

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