Everyone knew his unforgettable voice: the Czech actor Petr Oliva died


The report on the death of the renowned Diva Olivu confirmed the Radka Brzobohatého Theater in his profile on Facebook. "This message has hit us a lot, Peter, we will always be reminded of love and you will never miss us!" the theater reported, as quoted by the news server tn.nova.cz. Peter Oliva was born in 1943; his first wife was Regina Razlov and then married actress Dagmar Barová. He graduated from the Faculty of Theater of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU), where he graduated in 1964.

After the war, he worked at the Jaroslav Pruch Theater in Kladno, so he was 20 at the Prague Theater E.F. Burian. Later, he performed at the Radka Theater Brzobohatého, Theater Blaník or Reduta. Oliva also became famous in the dubbing. For example, Pierre Richard, Paolo Villaggi (a ghost of Fantozzi) or CI5 secret police agent Bodie from the Profesionali series gave voice to TV Nova.


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