Electric Model 3 Tesla in Western Europe is on the move


Tesla, a US manufacturer of electric cars, is in the wake of its European competitors.

In March, only Volkswagen (VW) Golf, Skoda Octavia, VW T-Roc and VW Tiguan were in front of Tesla in e-cars in Austria. However, 703 of their vehicles were put into operation, ie model 3. It follows from the March statistics on the inclusion of vehicles in road traffic.

It was no surprise to George Schwarz, a consultant at EY's corporate consulting firm.

"In many markets, including Switzerland, a large number of Model 3 vehicles are on the road. Significantly, more electric cars were sold in the country," he said.

The next few months will show if model 3 will be sold in the same large number as earlier this year. It is only in February in the European market.

"During this year, but the following year, more attractive models of electric cars will enter the market, for example, from German manufacturers. The demand for them seems to be a reality, as Model 3 sales show, "added Schwarz.

He said he is now well below 5%, but can quickly reach the double-digit level.


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