During the extinction, the meteorite hit the moon. See exclusive photos


Several amateur astronomers noted that on Monday morning, at 04:41:43 UTC (5:41:43 CET), a flash appeared on the surface of the moon, which appeared in the images as a white dot with a single pixel size , writes Technet.cz.

This glimpse at the same time is seen in several independent recordings, which means that it was a random noise on the chip.

A Spanish astrophysicist, Jose Maria Madied, thinks that part of the comet's rock fell on the lunar surface. In the various areas, the Moon had eight telescopes immediately, so that the intervention could be better targeted. Madied said the moon faces the impact of space bodies on a regular basis, demonstrating the surface cracked by craters. The Earth in these cases, unlike the Moon, protects the atmosphere in which meteorites in most cases worsen.

According to his preliminary estimates, the meteor could have a weight of about two kilos and the size of the soccer ball. "I'm really glad it happened," he said of the Madio meteorite. "The combination of the dark surface and a large number of observers increased the chance that this event will recover, a reminder that our solar system is still a totally wild place."

Experts, including Madieda, agree that the impact of Monday was the first to be seen during the lunar eclipse.


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