Dukla Trenčín is fighting his captain. Branko Radivojevic finished his active career


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Slovakian striker Branko Radivojevič finally finished his rich career on Wednesday.

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Twice a World Championship medalist did not say goodbye to her when she stepped down as Trenčín captain in the Tipsport League tie-breaker with Nitra: "I've seen a whole career, but nothing, let's make a point for it and a new life begins tomorrow."

Thirty-one year old wingman was thinking about the league finale last year, he decided to continue but now he will definitely put his skates on the nail.

"When I said it was my last game, it was the last one.I really enjoyed my career, I'm happy to finish at home in Trenčín, but the body says it's enough.I have three children and it's time to pity that they were not the last game also winning, but what more " said after Wednesday at home play with Nitra 0: 2, which was the end of the series 2: 4.

Radivoyevich started his career in Trenčín by going abroad in the early years and became an NHL. In the 1999 draft, he picked him 93rd in Colorado, but never played "avalanches." He collected his first profilige games in Phoenix, followed by stops in Philadelphia and Minnesota. In total, he played 399 duels in the NHL, where he scored 120 points (52 + 68), added two goals and helped in the 31 playoffs.

Forward Dukla Trenčín Branko Radivojevič.

Forward Dukla Trenčín Branko Radivojevič.

Source: TASR

After returning to Europe for a long time, he rode the KHL tracks, he spent three seasons in Liberec and the last two in his career in Trencin again. There was not much to gain from it: "I had a really good feeling of two seasons in Trenčín, the first one was incredible when we reached the seventh final match with Bystrice, it's a shame that I was not there, I could have retired, but I do not regret this season." fans too, they were incredible throughout the season. "


He achieved the greatest success in the national team with which he won bronze and silver at the 2003 and 2012 World Championships in Helsinki: "It was a bit of a performance, but I'm sorry we did not win the bronze medal at the Vancouver Olympics, where we only lost 20 minutes. I also enjoyed the title at Liberec, which was my only club."

Radivoyevich is now waiting for a recovery after suffering a season and rest but not going to hockey and should follow for a career: "I definitely would like to stay in Dukla and I can not imagine coming out of hockey. There will be some conversations and we'll be done soon."



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