Domicílios Verdes II: SIEA opted to register equipment to continue the project


The Casa Verde project continues next year. The SIEA has published the conditions to register facilities that will be supported. Check-in is open from noon. Learn how to register your device.

Although the Green House pilot project ends this year, households can apply for subsidies for renewable energy (RES) facilities. The Slovak Agency for Innovation and Energy (SIEA) today announced the conditions for the registration of facilities, which will be supported by the Green House II national project.

"The completion of the new list requires collaboration between producer, dealer and contractor in the coming weeks. Particular attention should be paid, in particular, to biomass boilers and heat pumps, where the technical conditions have been modified to take account of changes and changes in the market ". said SIEA communications manager Stanislav Jurikovic.

"In order for pumps and boilers to be registered to be registered, it is necessary to deliver the application, including the annexes proving compliance with the technical conditions" he added.

A pilot project of 3,600 devices

As the SIEA informs in the project site, a voucher can only be issued for registered devices. In the national pilot project that ended in 2018, 3,601 plants were registered, 1,430 heat pumps, 771 biomass boilers, 1,048 photovoltaic panels, 351 solar collectors and a wind turbine.

"Many of the devices are no longer available due to the end of production, even when the manufacturer no longer exists, and lists of other types of devices need to be updated" explains the SIEA.

For solar collectors, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, the technical conditions of Green House II remain the same as the pilot project.

"Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels that have been requested for a voucher or registered in 2018 will automatically be transferred to a new list, others are designed to be deleted" Jurikovic said.

Proposals to exclude specific devices may be submitted in writing within 30 days of publication of the proposal. The list of devices currently proposed for exclusion was published by SIEA on the project website.

Requests can be sent by anyone

Before starting the project, it is also appropriate for the Agency to update the technical parameters of solar power plants, for example, in solar collectors, which need to recertify the parameters every 10 years.

"This may be the reason to send a request to delete the device and then send a request to a new record" the SIEA said. VIESSMANN New registration conditions already allow at any time during the project to request the exclusion of the list of eligible devices. The application must be accompanied by a confirmation from the manufacturer, indicating the reason for the device being deleted.

Changes in the technical conditions of biomass boilers result from the current European eco-design requirements. After the new technical conditions have become maximum limits for nitrogen oxides and minimum seasonal energy efficiency is also required.

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