Do you remember Kucherou Sue? Oh, what's her beauty today?


Is there anyone who has not seen the lovely 1991 comedy Sue? The girl named Alisan Porter recognized the world back then.

You can not forget the story of the fairy tale. Little Sue and her stepfather run the streets of the city and try to survive with little fraud and theft.

Fate will arrange a meeting with a successful, wealthy lawyer who will invite you home. You may already know or know others. Alisan was unforgettable in that role. Curly, a bit chubby and healthy. The spectators simply loved her.

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She was lost

However, after a huge success, the girl stopped appearing in public. 25 years passed and she was back. You probably would not recognize her.

A little actress has grown up a beautiful woman who has a beautiful son and daughter at home. For years she had drunk alcohol, but she gave up on her years ago and lived for the family.

Look at the magnificent return of the star

No one knew that Alisan was not just a talented actress, but she also had a beautiful voice. Until she appeared in the tenth grade voice singing The Voice. The jurors had no idea that a former baby star was in front of them, they found that out of the video streams.

Alisan joined the team of singer Christina Aguilera and won the show with an overview. Since then, the star has risen rapidly again.

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The niece of a famous actress has undergone a change of image, do you recognize her?


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