Do you know what is the greatest destruction of our health? No smoking or alcohol


Does this apply to you? Certainly. Maybe you also have no idea what the biggest risk factor for premature death is in the world?

The biggest scarecrow of our health

The difference between countries is whether people risk their health voluntarily.

Somewhere they have no choice. A major study in 1990 and 2017 in 195 countries around the world produced their results. Posted in The Lancet.

According to them, the most risky factor of premature death in the world is incorrect nutrition.

The best Israel, the worst Uzbekistan

A diet with few beneficial ingredients kills more than smoking or any other unhealthy habit, says the study titled The Global Burden of Disease Study.

In the study, scientists focused on 15 components of our diet. Its misrepresentation in our diet was responsible for 1 in 5 adult deaths, a total of 11 million in 2017. About 10 million of these deaths are due to cardiovascular disease, the rest being cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Of the countries surveyed, Israel was the best in this area, where deaths from poor nutrition were responsible for 89 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, with Uzbekistan being the worst, with 892 deaths per 100,000.

In Slovakia, for example, we suffer from ischemic heart disease, which is also directly related to unhealthy lifestyles.

The author of the study, Dr. Christopher J. L. Murray, director of the Institute of Health Metrics and Assessment at the University of Washington, Seattle, summarized the results as follows: "This study confirms what many have thought for years – that wrong nutrition is globally responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor."

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Vegetable for meat

The study aimed to examine the presence of certain components of the diet: for example, fruits, vegetables, milk, red meat, sugary drinks and the like.

The major disadvantages were under-representation of nuts and seeds (12% of the recommended intake), milk (16% of the recommended intake) and whole foods (23% of the recommended amount).

On the contrary, excessive consumption is at the level of sugary drinks and sodium.

There are anecdotes about healthy eating when someone justifies a proper portion of roast beef saying that "but I eat vegetables".

While not the happiest way to eat, the study says the lack of healthy food is probably as bad, if not worse, than consuming a lot of unhealthy food.

For the worst kind of diet, along with the highest number of deaths, scientists labeled a diet with "high sodium content, low levels of whole-grain ingredients, fruits, nuts and seeds, low-fat vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids."

For example, imagine a fried cheese with good salted potato chips and tartar.

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Increase the proportion of healthy foods

If we look at the results of the study in more detail, according to the scientists, the wrong number of three of our diet components – whole foods, fruits and sodium – accounts for more than half of the deaths and two thirds of those lost due to disease.

The main focus of the study is to focus on increasing the proportion of healthy foods.

This is in contrast to the practice of the last decades, when experts tried to appeal to reduce the proportion of unhealthy foods.

Even from the psychological point of view, it is probably more effective for people to offer something healthier than "taking" their favorite, unhealthy foods.

However, responsible individuals understand that one and the other is necessary. And success will be if others add a lot of vegetables to it.

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