Do you have a "noise" or concert hall in your car? What brand?


Mark Levinson

Elegant body, great steering, soft leather and genuine wood, perfect cushioning as a tailor made suit.

This defines a luxury limousine or a Grand Tourer. Even more comfortable seats or air conditioning with the power of a hurricane are not enough for the aforementioned features. The premium model inevitably includes a premium sound system. It can be said today that it is an entertainment center where the radio belongs, but the possibility of connecting audio sources is much more. Radio with average sound is not more successful, even with lower levels of simpler car prices. Prestige models require superior sound quality.

It can be said that many cars have better hearing parameters than several sound studios. If they did not "spoil" the engine sound, the noise of the air and the tires, they would be the best place to listen to favorite music of any genre. Simply the best grand tourers and luxury limousines should have the best that sound technology offers today. Do you know what you're hearing? Let us introduce some of the best audio markers.

Bang & Olufsen

Although Bang & Olufsen's history dates back to 1925, the Danish manufacturer has slightly less experience in producing car audio systems than some of the younger brands. The first Bang & Olufsen audio car came in 2005. It was Audi's largest limousine – the A8.

Several years have passed and Bang & Olufsen continues to provide sound for the German car brand. In the latest version of the A8 sedan, we found a 23-speaker audio system with a 23-channel amplifier and 3D audio playback technology that uses additional speakers. Bang & Olufsen audio is also installed on other cars, such as the Aston Martin DB11, Bentley Continental GT, BMW M6, Ford F-150 and Mercedes SLS AMG. A distinctive feature of the Danish brand audio system is the tweeters that extend from the panel when the audio system is turned on.

Bowers & Wilkins

Great acoustic experience is also provided by British producer Bowers & Wilkins. The brand has existed since 1966, but its first automotive audio system was launched in 2008. The Jaguar XF was equipped with a 44-watt 14-watt amplifier.

Today, Bowers & Wilkins manufactures audio systems for several popular car manufacturers. One is the Volvo. The S90 has a system of 14 1400 W speakers. The audio system includes, among other things, Kevlar diaphragm changers and Nautilus tweeters that improve sound quality and belong to the best of the best. The Bowers & Wilkins automotive audio system features not only the Volvo XC60, V60, XC90, V90 and V90 Cross Country, but also the BMW 5, 6 GT and 7 Series, Maserati Levante, Ghibli & Quattroporte and even McLaren cars including the Senna. – One of the fastest and most modern racing cars that can be legally driven on common roads.


Burmester is a German brand that has also been producing automotive sound systems since 2005. It must be recognized that its presence in the automotive industry started with a big bang. Burmester is the author of the audio system of one of the most extreme hypersports in history – the Bugatti Veyron.

However, this does not interrupt the list of sports vehicles in the account of the German producer. Burmester has created a sound system of 11 speakers for the Porsche 918 Spyder two-seat, as well as other models of this brand – such as the 911, Panamera and Cayenne. Its impressive portfolio also includes some Mercedes models including AMG GT and Maybach Pullman.

Mark Levinson

The Mark Levinson sound system is associated with only one car manufacturer – Lexus. Collaboration between these two brands has existed since 2000. Representatives of the American audio equipment manufacturer claim that there was no car brand with such sophisticated interiors before, so that the sound of Mark Levins could fully develop its quality. The first vehicle to obtain this system was the Lexus LS first-generation sedan. Today, the Mark Levinson premium audio system is mounted on all models of this brand.

State-of-the-art systems can be found in both Lexus limos – LS and ES. The fifth generation of the Lexus LS is equipped with a 23-speaker system located in 16 cab seats and a 16-channel amplifier. It is also equipped with an Active Noise Reduction (ANC) system that reduces noise by producing negative phase sounds from the speakers. The total power of the system is 2400 W. Another model, the latest Lexus ES, has a 17-speaker audio system with a total output of 1,800 W. It is also equipped with the Quantum Logic sound quality enhancement system Surround and ClariFi 2.0.

That's still not all he plays in cars today. Brands and their sound systems are much more – for example, Bose, Harman / Kardon, Dynaudio, JBL, Beats as well as renowned Pioneer, Sony and many others. Much has also been redesigned from the "consumer class" to more prestigious levels – not just price, but also quality.

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