Digi TV adds new stations. The tallest pack was hungry


The operator adds another exclusive music station to the base.

As of November 15, Digi TV will have several new features in its offering. The musical program Folklorics, which was just Magio TV and Magi Sate, will be included in the basic package for 9.6 euros.

Television broadcasts 24 hours a year. Telekom characterizes it as a documentary and a music channel. It offers 16 custom sessions and many music clips.

Largest package will be more expensive at 0.7 euros

BBC Earth HD appears in the upper package. It will be available with audio in Czech and partly with subtitles in Czech. It offers documentary series from the BBC.

BBC TV will also air in Slovakia. In Czech and HD.

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BBC Earth arrives: in HD and Czech, four years will be only on Telekome

But the news from the beginning of this month is that the Maxi package changed to Premium and its price rose from 12.9 to 13.6 euros. There are 106 stations together – the only change is the addition of BBC Earth HD. If you have Maxi, the price does not change for you, it stays at the original level.

More HBO channels in HD

Changes will also occur in the Hungarian Extra HU + package for 3.3 euros per month. Movies4, RTL Gold, Galaxy4 and Prime will be added.

Game of Thrones (source: HBO)

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All HBO programs, Cinemaxes, are lacking in HD.

Source: HBO

In the coming weeks, the HD versions of HBO2 and HBO3 can also be added to the offer. Currently they are only distributed in SD quality. Three HBO stations and access to the HBO Go video store cost 7 euros per month for a two-year commitment.

Probably HBO2 and HBO3 will also appear in the Sate Magus.


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