Crich in the discussion with Nicholson: The standard political scene is discredited, we can do that too


"There must be strong condemnation and punishment, but we now know when we see how they expected their return or held their positions and still live in them and carry a communist bond with them" said in today's session about 5 minutes ago 12 in the vice president of RNR SR SR and member of SaS Lucia Durise Nicholson. Miroslav Ciz, deputy for the Smer-SD, said he could not expel 400,000 Slovaks from public life. According to Nicholson, this November 1989 birthday is sad, as recent events have revealed the country where you live – in what kind of 29-year-olds certainly did not hurt.

Czy and Nicholson also discussed the Friday protests organized by the Vice-Slovak Initiative, as well as the responsibilities of political parties and independent candidates. As for Friday's protests, Nicholson refuses to carry any political charges. She explained that although the SaS members of Parliament are going to the square, they are citizens. Asked whether the protests are organized, Ciz began to think that the protests in Slovakia, which have been held since March and the protests in the Czech Republic that began a few days ago, are "like a police officer."

According to him, these meetings support the cafes of Prague and Bratislava, sharing the same values ​​and methods. In connection with the Slovak assemblies, he asked what people really wanted. "What do they want? Decent Slovakia? Democracy? Demonstrations are held for a better social status of the population, peace, but these are for what?" he asked. If they want another government, they think it's legitimate, but they have to wait for the elections, go to the polls and get enough confidence to form a government.

People on the streets want to change

Nicholson told him that the people had brought a desire for change to the square. "You are doing some action, the reaction is on the streets. You can not believe these people are out of conviction, out of pure agreement," the vice-president of the National Council of the Czech Republic, Čížov, said that the party was looking only for the enemy, some foreign element, as the Communists used to do. He thinks that after the death of journalist Jana Kuciak and his girlfriend, Martina Kušníř, the early elections had to be held to measure who really trusts the company. "From what you said, fear that no government will come to the election after the election. Do not worry, leave it to the people" Nicholson added to Chia, who argued that the company was divided. "They did not even talk about the early elections, because everyone, even a little bit literate, will find that if the elections were premature, we destabilized the state," he said. said Ciz.

The results of the municipal elections showed that the people gave their votes to independent candidates. Standard status is now complicated by Nicholson, but he thinks he needs to do everything to restore people's trust in the party. "People are looking for an alternative they have found in independent candidates. They are looking for an alternative that they may not name themselves, because of their frustration that I do not know" she said she was skeptical of independent candidates. This trend is not only in the Czech Republic. He thinks everything is done here to discredit the political scene, but he did not answer the moderator's question that discredits it.

In Parliament, for example, they see the level and culture of the debate. "There are about 20 opposition members in a coalition member, so we probably do not want to" said Ciz. He added that the state's debate over state administration is rare in parliament. Nicholson was surprised that Ciz was speaking only of a political culture. "Director Robert Fico and Robert Kaliňák have been in power for ten years, they have only looked after the decline of citizens' confidence in the state" she said. She added that they are being called by the people to leave, not the leaders of the opposition parties.


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