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Carousels Serede ended up in custody


In late May, the National Criminal Agency in Sered and the surrounding area did much against the drug mafia. However, two main characters – Brother Michal and Marian V – managed to escape at that moment.

Since last week, both men have been nicknamed carousels in pre-trial detention. For this was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Specialized Criminal Court.

"The judge of the Banská Bystrica preparatory process decided, on June 5, to arrest four prisoners. The reason for the arrest is perhaps the fear of escape, the influence of witnesses and the continuation of the crime, "she said.

Among our four men, both brothers must be both.

How Carousels Worked

The case is related to an organized criminal group that was active in western Slovakia.

It had a precisely defined hierarchical structure – that is, people to get pills, produce drugs and distribute them.

According to the investigator's findings, his advantage was police contacts and financial management. During the course of May, an investigator of the National Anti-Criminal Unit of Nitra and a member of the Criminal Office of Financial Administration of Bratislava was detained.

Police and justice contacts

According to the resolution, the group ensured the protection gained through its influence on the criminal environment, as well as through its contacts with the police and the judiciary.

In December, a former police officer and former deputy mayor of Abraham Radovan Fodor was detained.

According to the resolution, the boss provided the group with information from the police environment about upcoming police actions and operational and investigative files.

Assassination of Ján Kuciak

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