Čaputová on the Show by Jan Kraus: Nowhere is it written that if I succeed, I have to give up. "If you only come with a partner – not a husband – it's strange," said the artist.


Bratislava, February 28, 2019 (HSP / Photo: TASR – YouTube Screenshot)

Presidential candidate Zuzana Čaputová was the guest of Jana Krausa Show, where she also participated in the presidential campaign

Photographed by Zuzana Čaputová

Kraus, in his introduction, introduced Zuzana Capek as a "hot presidential candidate" with growing preferences, "but stressed that the inquiries should be "taken with reserve because we know how it is …"

After the resignation of Robert Mistrik, Kraus Čaputova is in the role of the future president of Slovakia: "You will be the president, no." Zuzana Čaputová responds to the fact that she will decide on March 16 in the first round of the elections.

"It's important to survive on March 16, in some sense, successfully," she said. Kraus replied, "Take it as an introductory forceps to thrive." He added that the Captain's opponent would say "Lord of the Direction."

Ceaputova went on to say that Maroš Šefčovič "is not an easy opponent" and leads with respect.

Moderator Kraus introduced a Czech spectator to Čaputova as a lawyer who for many years fought the landfill in Pezinok, which was illegal.

"I am from Pezinka, I was a lawyer and an author, the problem is that we already have a landfill in Pezinok that is huge and full of hazardous waste near the residence. interconnection with the party in power – affiliated with politics, "explains Čaputova, saying that the European Court's decision in this case had the meaning of a multiplicity.

Consequently, the debate was on the subject of Čaputova's liberal orientation. Kraus began the discussion by claiming that "when a person is homosexual, he is a homosexual of God." And in his opinion, if two "homosexuals of God" adopted someone else, somewhere else, it is, in his opinion, fairly well explained.

According to Čaputová, these topics are more difficult to explain in Slovakia, adding that he has a similar opinion to Kraus and tries to bring people closer to him.

Political opponents say he can not succeed because he's a woman. "You would have gotten anywhere else just because you are a woman to balance the gender," said Jan Kraus.

Čaputova said that, according to her, some anti-champagne will be circulating between the first and second round. Kraus says very personal things are being traced in such anti-champagne. "How are you?" He asked the candidates.

"I'm convinced of that," Caputova said. She added that she was divorced and had two daughters, and she was happy to live like her.

Kraus added that he had a partner who is still in the process. "No, I just did not feel the avenue should handle that," says Caputova. "But if they do, they'll want to make a future …" added Kraus.

The party PS candidate said she was also advising her daughters who were 15 and 18 when they decided to run. Kraus said the younger man would not ask for a spot-on view of Cape Town. Captut, however, explained that the younger daughter is more interested in public affairs and may be a politician in the future.

"When he is interested in politics at age 15, it will be more radical, more radical …" wrote Kraus provocatively. "Let's see, but it does not look to me," Caput said. "He also finds himself very autonomous in how he perceives things."

Jan Kraus added that if she became president, she would have to give up. "She did not, it's not written anywhere," she said. According to Kraus, however, it is normal for the president to attend international meetings. president and husband.

According to Caput, this is not the rule. Kraus adds, "No, but it's weird." She later explained that she could solve the problem.


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