Capek with a significant advantage, approaching 50 percent


If the first round of the presidential election was held at the end of February, Zuzana Čaputová would have a strong advantage, which would be voted by 44.8% of the respondents. In the second round, Smer Maroš Šefčovič, with a gain of just over 22 percent, would move it.

This is the result of a Focus for Markíza TV survey, conducted without Robert Mistrik.

On Tuesday he resigned from the fight for the Presidential Palace and expressed support for the Progressive Slovakia Čaputova candidate.

Supreme Court Justice Stefan Harabin (12 percent), followed by LSNS President Marian Kotleba, who would support 8.2 percent of respondents, would finish third.

Above the three-percent threshold, former politician Frantisek Miklosko (3.5 percent) and Bele Bugar (3.2 percent) were deputies.

Eduard Chmelar, a university professor, deserved the trust of 2.5% of the interviewees. Following him is a member of the Movement of the Movement, Milan Krajniak, who would vote in 2.4 percent of the interviewees.

The survey was conducted on February 26 – February 28, 2019 in a sample of 804 respondents.


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