Bluetooth 5.1 is world-wide, allowing precise location of centimeters


The default is complete, currently available to developers.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) completed the specification of the new Bluetooth standard. Specifically, version 5.1, whose main novelty is to significantly improve the capabilities of location, noted the site Neowin.

For years, mobile devices have relied on location, especially thanks to GPS. However, this technology is not the only one that allows you to determine your location, using Wi-Fi, for example. Also wants to help with Bluetooth 5.1.

Bluetooth 5.1 also determines the angle at which the subject is located on the transmitter.

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Bluetooth 5.1 also determines the angle at which the subject is located on the transmitter.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

By measuring the signal strength, it was possible to determine the approximate position even with the help of Bluetooth, but the new version should significantly improve the location. Using Bluetooth 5.1, you can accurately determine the position per centimeter. Moreover, it is not limited to measuring the distance to the given object, but can also determine the direction in which the object is from the transmitter.

A more precise location is obtained by measuring the phase of the electromagnetic waves on the receiver's antennas or on a receiver antenna when transmitting from multiple transmitter antennas.

The feature can be used, for example, in the interior, where it can navigate the visitors during the tours or help track the lost electronic components. Due to the smaller range compared to GPS, Bluetooth 5.1 will not be able to navigate by car or other external means of transport.

New technologies are now available to developers. When manufacturers deploy on their devices, it's too early to predict. Slowly, Bluetooth 5.0 is still coming to mobile devices. A complete technology analysis offers the Bluetooth SIG on your site.


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