ATTENTION: Slovenská sporiteľňa is preparing a new rate. They will ask for € 1 per SMS


Photo: Slovenská sporiteľňa

It seems that Slovenská sporiteľňa will also join Tatra banka in December 2018 for the payment of SMS notifications. She reported on the plan to charge her customers for SMS messages via internet banking and press release.

Priority will be given to send notifications

Slovenská sporiteľňa said in a press release today that it will be in George's application next month integrates the so-called push notifications. These are alerts generated by the application itself, for example, changes in account status.

According to Slovenská sporiteľňa, they are push notifications are a better option not only because the smartphone has up to two-thirds of customers, but also because the bank can display more data.

The change will occur on June 1

If you rely on SMS messages that you always receive when you receive or send a payment, June 1 will disable you. However, do not despair if you can not imagine the day-to-day operation without SMS messages, you can sign up for the service € 1 per month.

SMS messages will continue to be free in some cases: for unrealized payments, card payments abroad and for purchases in foreign e-shops, respectively. mobile app stores. Of course, Slovenská sporiteľňa also offers e-mail notifications via George, which are free.


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