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At the end of the concession, the police on the road harden

Black week on the road – 14 people lost their lives in seven days. The police are therefore announcing the crackdown. He claims he will not compromise. In violation of the regulations, police patrols reach the toughest punishments possible until the situation improves.

"Prevention is over and repression against those who are
the road bill makes the calendar rip. Last week on the road
the traffic was disastrous, we will not ask or threaten anyone
let's just point out what's wrong with our point of view. We will be zero
tolerance for the detection of all offenses and
clarification, "said Róbert Bozalka, vice president of the Police Force.

Last week, 14 people died in traffic accidents, of which
10 in just two days – Friday and Saturday. "Of these, eight were people
in the car, three cyclists, one cyclist and two pedestrians, "Bozalka said.
The main causes of accidents were alcohol, speeding,
the wrong way to drive and not drive.

One quick move has already been made by Lucenec's 64-year-old entrepreneur, who
on Friday night he sat behind the drunk driving wheel, went in the opposite direction,
where he fell with another car. His father and son died, his co-pilot
suffered serious injuries. Drivers in the blood measured up to 2.5 per mille of alcohol.
The judge sent him straight to custody.

The tragedies multiplied in the sixth and in the capital. Just a 26 year old driver
changed to red light, collided with another car that later
hit the man on the sidewalk. The accident did not survive the guilty passenger.
The weekend night was fatal for a 32 year old driver who was worth it
probably a quick ride. Front collision with buses in Devinska
New Ves lived it.

Tariff limit until revocation

According to Bozalka, the police have taken the harsh and rigorous measures that will be taken
pay until further notice. He puts everything he has on the road. This will help
the police, during the tourist season also the office
border police and foreign police. The police will continue to punish
for the higher rate. "We will proceed without compromise at the hearing
offenses, we will use the upper limit of penalties, "he said.
Colonel Ľuboš Rumanovský, Director of the Department of Transport Police. check out
especially focusing on speed, alcohol, mobile use during

For overtaking at high speed (50 km / h in the village, 60 km / h outside the village)
then the drivers will pay the lowest rate of 500 euros, but 1,000 euros, per
the alcohol at the wheel for one per mille instead of 150 euros will be 800 euros more
seize a driver for three years. A driver with more than one per mille may
have an annual prison. For example, it will no longer be used for direction indicators
20 euros, but 40 euros.

"We will also deal with the biggest phenomenon, not dealing with leadership
the vehicle, which includes unfortunate telephony as much as possible
attention and is the main cause of traffic accidents
resulting in life and health. Let's focus on aggressive and arrogant
drivers who cause the most tragic traffic
innocent people are dying, "said Rumanovsky
they will also focus on truck drivers who often land on landings
use alcohol. They will check for breaks
at work.

Road users do not pay attention to what they should be

Robert Bozalka attributes tragic numbers of the last days to irresponsibility
drivers. "I think the main reason is that road users
the traffic is not dedicated to what it should be, "he said
using cell phones behind the wheel, but mobile phones have nothing to do
in the hands of pedestrians and cyclists.

Jozef Drahovský, transport analyst, sees the causes of tragic accidents
at the beginning of the holiday period. "It's the end of the school year
everyone is preparing for the holidays, everyone is just chasing and then it's easy
something neglected. And when something is overlooked in road transport, for example,
preference, so it usually ends tragically. Before you're human
he sits behind the wheel, must release all tension and pursue and devote himself
driving. If he starts to think behind the wheel, what does he have
worryingly, so easily ignores something, "says the analyst.

Drahovský positively evaluates the activity of the police. "It is known that when
police on the road and motorists see them, subconsciously, every driver
Check whether everything is fine, whether chained or not
speed, etc. Only your presence on the road is preventative
well, "said the transport analyst
effective controls. "There are certain periods of the year when accidents are
much more than the end of the school year or the beginning
holidays. If the police activity was so intense throughout the year, they did not
would control such an effect as it is now, "he says.

The summer tourist season is risky in terms of accidents. Impact on
the time also has the attention of the driver, so the police are asking them to warm up
underestimated and well prepared for travel. Compliance matters
drink and make the driver relax before traveling. Cops too
invite citizens to cooperate. "Any of our increased activities is
unnecessary if road users do not help us.
We can not be everywhere, "Rumanovský said.

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