Angry mother posted a photo of a baby. An uninoculated child infected


Angry mother posted a photo of a baby. An uninoculated child infected
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Sukienk Faith relies on vaccines and vaccinated all four children. However, her eight-month-old daughter, Shira Goldschmidt, is still too small to be vaccinated by her measles doctors. The girl was infected with this disease, which is much more dangerous for such a small child. Infectious disease experts are clear about this, they may object to vaccination. He writes on CNN.

Fainy and his family live in Israel. As in the United States, measles is also spreading in this country because many people have refused to vaccinate their children. "I'm so angry and frustrated. I wrote to Facebook Facebook opponents that they hurt our kids," Sukenik said.

Little Shira was sick in December. She was cold and had a high fever. The doctors told their parents that it was just an ordinary virus and would soon recover. When red spots appeared on her body a few days later, her parents knew they were measles.

"They were not spots on just one part of the body." "They were everywhere." "In the mouth, between the fingers." "I'm an experienced mother, and I've never seen anything like it," said quadruple mother.

At that time, Shira could not eat and drink properly, her breathing was shallow and she was so weak that she could not keep her head up. Sukenik and her husband took Shira to a hospital where she was isolated and received fluids intravenously.

At that time, Faina wrote an emotional status on Facebook:

"Let's take a moment for the freedom of those who believe that vaccination is Satan and the source of all evil.We can say that they have the right to believe in anything but we must also talk about the price paid by others.Well, then you should use a public label that you are not vaccinated and let me choose if my kids will play with you, she wrote.

Shira recently celebrated the year. "He's lucky and he's just started dating," Faina said, thanking God. However, the girl is still out of danger. Doctors have warned parents that Shira can suffer devastating complications of measles in the coming years. This rarely happens, but about seven to ten years after measles is over, sclerosing panencephalitis – a deadly brain disorder – can develop.

Nearly 4000 people responded to Fainy's status. Many positives, many negatives. They called her an evil mother and convinced her that her son was incapacitated. "If they want to fight with me, I'm not afraid, I've seen at home what it means when a child is having measles, and it's our responsibility to make sure that this epidemic disappears and not hurt any more children," he said.

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