Android receives notification bubbles similar to Messenger headers


Google has released the second beta of Android Q, which has released some cool new features, including notification bubbles that resemble Messenger headers.

The new Android Q will be released in the third quarter of this year, but Google is already testing publicly on its own Pixel smartphones. Thanks to this, we will gradually learn the news that we can expect from this important update. Just three weeks after the launch of the first beta, we have a second bet that complements the already long list of exciting new features.

LookAndroid Q is here for who is available and what news does it bring?

Apparently, the most interesting new feature in the second beta is the notification bubbles, which are remarkably similar to Messenger's Messenger headers. These notification bubbles float over other applications and allow users to quickly devalue for messages without leaving an application currently active.

FONTE | Google

Interestingly, these notification bubbles do not have to be read-only. Other applications can theoretically use them to provide quick access to notes, tickets, navigation and the like in bubbles.

If you like Android because of its visual editing freedom, you can expect the new Pixel Themes. Through this application, you can change the colors of the controls, icon shapes and backgrounds. While various themes and icon packs offer multiple extensions, this will be Google's official support, at least in terms of Google Pixel smartphones.

FONTE | XDA Developers

Owners of these smartphones will also be pleased to hear that Google is working to support two active SIM cards simultaneously. Although Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and later support physical SIM cards with eSIM, only one of them may be active. This is finally changing with the second beta of Android Q.

There is also an option in the hidden settings of the second beta, which removes the Back button and replaces the control pill with a wider control bar such as iPhone X and its followers. At this point, however, this is only an experimental feature that may not appear in the final version.

sourceXDA Developers, Google


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