A look at the Friend Star tears the heart: Once a handsome man, today a shipwreck!


Matthew Perry was once a handsome guy.
Matthew Perry was once a handsome guy.
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NEW YORK – Oh my God! Many will react when they see the current filming of actor Matthew Perry (49). Serial Chandler has struggled with various health complications and addictions. It avoids social events, is not active in social networks and therefore the only images that appear in the media are those of the paparazz. And they do not belong to those …

The times when Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing's Friends in the Friend series are gone. While her casting colleague Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox praised the photo that look great in recent days, it avoids the lens.

Recently, however, he appeared on the streets and the paparazzi immediately seized the opportunity. Under her T-shirt, her large breasts and belly were clearly drawn. Compared to the older photos, Matthew may have lost weight, but will probably bother some. Also sad is the sight of your ruined face, in which you would look in vain for a smile …

Serial Chandler has been fighting drugs in the past, being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Later, health complications were added to his demons, and he certainly does not add to the famous actor the fact that he has no partner or children.

That's what Matthew Perry looks like today.

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Do the friends in the series belong to your favorites?


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