5 years after the death of Bartošová († 48): Golda manager and nanny spoke … She slept with vodka next to the bed, she ran to the gas station!


Although Iveta Bartošová had problems, her tragic and cruel end surprised everyone. No one expected the kind blonde to end her life under the train. The singer was known to have problems with alcohol, although she had difficulty in getting herself hospitalized. She was angry at her own father for drinking and following in his footsteps.

On April 29, five years have passed since the death of Iveta Bartosová.

5 years after death

Her husband Štěpán Karlesz and Gold Nurse of Gold "Golda" Dvořáková were often seen in their embrace of the human scourge.

"We talked about overdoing it with alcohol. Of course Iveta was angry when I was addressing these speeches. On the other hand, she has often acknowledged that I am right and, for example, wrote an empty bottle of wine: that was the last one. So I exposed the bottle so Iveta could still see it " Golda told the Czech Flash, who also admitted that at home, the alcohol could be at most two goals in case of emergency. But only the nanny knew about it.

The woman who was Ivete's second mother and cared for Arthur when Bartos was supposed to be at the show can not explain why she ended her life. "Arthur was for her everything, fighting for him with Lada, even in the courtroom." She was intelligent, she had to know that she would pay attention to her son for ever, she had to know that she would hurt her mother and brother terribly. she could not live like this anymore … This is not an explanation, it must have been a short circuit, it must have been an act of utter despair. he does not understand Bartosová's gold.

Golda Dvorakova was the second mother of Iveta Bartosova. She even saved her life twice.

5 years after death

But she's not the only one to remember the singer on the fifth anniversary of her death. Manager Štěpán Karlesz has worked with the blonde for three years. During this time he saw her literally unconscious in an alcoholic several times. She claims she was very unreliable. It happened many times that she gave him a last minute show and he was calling people and looking for a replacement for her.

Iveta did not even know the money. Saving or thinking about the back door was nothing at all, and when she was not throwing herself, she was passing on to her son. In singing performances because she simply did not want her, she not only deprived herself of her income, but also of her manager, who depended on her reserves.

Stepan helped him in many excesses. He even managed to hide one of Bartoš's demolitions. "So she went into the gas station, did not hit the sink. She called me shit" Karlesz revealed that she was drunk then. And that was the impetus for Štaľa, who at the time decided to put Arthur under his care.

Karlesz took advantage of his time with Bartosova. It was only when she organized performances and found her drunk to go home to her. "Those were the moments. So I immediately called the organizer that we would not come " Stepan told the Czech portal Expres, which he did not have to do. "Most of the time she slept with a bottle of vodka at the side of the bed. She was a useless corpse " he told Iveta a few years after his death.

Štěpán Karlesz was the manager of Iveta Bartošová for three years, and she often saw her pouring alcohol.

5 years after death

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