Yoon Ji Sung reveals the reason for the name change, funny story of the recording album and more


In the Feb. 28 broadcast of SBS PowerFM's "2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show", Kang Min Kyung and Yoon Ji Sung appeared as guests.

Yoon Ji Sung made his solo debut on February 20, and Kang Min Kyung made his solo debut on February 27. When invited to present his track, Yoon Ji Sung said: "It's a song that gets better the more you listen. I have tried it myself. I learned that it takes about 10 reps to realize it's good. "

When Yoon Ji Sung mentioned that he cried while recording the track, Muzie asked how he was able to stop crying. The singer made everyone laugh, saying, "I was able to recover myself by eating jokbal (pork feet). It was conveniently time to eat.

Yoon Ji Sung also revealed that he met Kang Min Kyung from when they were under the same agency. Kang Min Kyung explained, "When Ji Sung was a trainee, I heard that one of the trainees is a Davichi fan, and that he would be making his debut as a Wanna One member. That was Ji Sung.

When asked about Wanna One, Yoon Ji Sung said he still keeps in touch with members. The soloist said: "I feel alone. When we were filming "Produce 101" by Mnet, I was with 100 other trainees. When we debuted as Wanna One, 11 of us were always together. Now that I go to places alone, I feel a little lonely. "Yoon Ji Sung concluded," But we still talk very often. "

Near the end of the broadcast, a listener sent a message that revealed the true name of Yoon Ji Sung. The singer was surprised by the message, but he began to calmly explain the reason behind his name change. The singer said, "My name was originally Yoon Byung. Okay. I ended up changing because things were not improving for me.

Yoon Ji Sung concluded the broadcast by saying, "I hope you enjoy my solo track" In The Rain. "A lot of actors are putting a lot of effort into the musical" The Days "as well.

Check out Yoon Ji Sung's video for "In The Rain" here!

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