Yang Hyun Suk responds personally to drug test reports at YG Entertainment


Yang Hyun Suk personally responded to reports of drug testing in YG Entertainment.

In the portion of June 20, & # 39;Lee Gyu Yeon's Spotlight"The former head of YG Entertainment has expressed, "I've never responded to media reports in the past 23 years, but I think I should clarify what I can best explain."

Why drug testing was implemented on the label, said Yang Hyun Suk, "I personally conducted the drug tests, and I personally observed the tests as well." Investigation authorities and other sites were requested, and I confirmed that it was not illegal. dragon G scandal." He also revealed that drug testing covered 12 different types of drugs, saying: "If the kits used by the police are 10,000 Won ($ 8.63), they are 50,000 Won ($ 43.16), it's for prevention purposes."

In related news, Yang Hyun Suk resigned from all positions at YG Entertainment last week.


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