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Worrying stat emerges about Liverpool; only one Man Utd man stands out

Liverpool fans are worried after a stat emerges about the club's recent form in different competitions, while Man Utd readers pick out one star man from their win against Partizan Belgrade – all in Your Says of the Day.

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They were all s **** Williams killy bar. Not one shot on target other than the penalty. All Partizan second half. Agree a win is a win mate but it was f ****** horrible.


I don't think anyone in their right mind, or a rival supporter who wishes us nothing but intense pain could look at that team beforehand and declare it as being anything other than embarrassing, and that was mirrored in the performance.

Can't beat a man, can't pass, can't tackle, can't shoot, can't retain possession, and the likes of Martial who can't be given even 80% effort most weeks either. The @ jm1502 says, the only highlight was Brandon Williams. I would pick him to start every day of the week ahead of lardy ass Shaw, who does more disappearing acts these days than Lord Lucan ever did, simple as that.


Garner still has question marks but Williams should be pushing out Shaw no reason why he shouldn't be starting games ahead of Luke


Williams looks great prospect at the moment. Hopefully the competition will spur Luke Shaw on. If it doesn't Williams will replace it before long.


Good to hear that Williams might actually make the step up and push Shaw. It might push Young further down the pecking order too. For all the reports of us being shite I can't help but take some small bit of solace from the fact that we beat Partizan in Belgrade given that tbey haven't lost at home in eleven European games. I know we were under the cosh for the second half but with a very young team we held firm. The lack of creativity is still a major worry though to be honest. I was reading updates and we'd had most of the possession in the first 15-20 mins and didn't create a chance of noticing or even a shot on goal I don't think. If that doesn't scream that we need a player like James Maddison then I don't know what to be honest. Given Maddison is going to cost £ 100m +, should we be looking at the lad who replaced him at Norwich, Todd Cantwell?


I think opposition now realize that our fullback really play as wingers / wingbacks and most of our creativity come from the wide areas so if you can pin them back then you go a way to stopping our attacking threat.
Having said that I don't think the team as a whole is in full stride yet. I believe this is planned and Klopp wants them to be hitting peak form the last third of the season.
The heights that Robbo and Trent set for themselves last season, record breaking form, can't just be switched on and off.
Just to keep things in perspective here, we're not even into Nov yet and Robbo has a goal and several assists already. Not bad for a left back.


I posted a comment a few weeks ago when Steve Nicol said he thought our forwards were attacking in a manic fashion and he wanted a more organized or slower build up, and I disagreed with him. On Sunday his wish came true but at the expense of a draw.

Klopp's system is not designed to look pleasant on the eye, with players first touches near to perfection and careful probing of the opponent, and silky touches all over the pitch. That way of playing can be effective in Italy maybe, but time and again we have seen teams playing well, controlling the game, showing patience and making hundreds of triangles and still losing or drawing in the PL. One match comes to mind is the City – Spurs game which I did not watch but from comments here City was all over Spurs but still drew. Burnley did a job like that against us a few years back.

Our sixteen wins came precisely when manic attacks were launched because these put enormous pressure on the opponents and they crack, often near the end of the ninety minutes. That's why I don't care if Man's or Robertson's first touches look abysmal a few times during games as long as they get it right two or three times and score goals. In fact Robertson, Mane and Salah have good first touches but they sacrifice precision for urgency most of the time and it has been proven to be highly effective.

Between aesthetics and results I choose the latter.


I think Robertson has continued on last season and is our most consistent player with vvd.

The amount of running he does is unreal. Even last night.

I think he's doing fine Harry to be honest mate

Sean the sailor

Leave Robbo alone, he's the best left-back in the league.

You're overthinking the situation way too much


Robbo defo has space for improvement his quality of cross is not always the best his low crosses are good but tends not to be able to whip in a ball. He also drags plenty of shots wide one thing that makes me worry about both of our full backs is a lack of competition sometimes players stagnate when they don't have someone pushing them for a starting place it all gets a bit comfortable. Saying all that still dont think you cant find a better left back in the prem then our robbo who at 25 still has his prime ahead of him 8 million bargain.


Were very quiet on this today.

We are very shocked, or still stunned. Get out of jail card for this one for sure.
First half very poor Willock and AMN vying for clown of the day. Second half, better with active midfield, although Ceballos. seems slow, or is it just me.
I have slated Pepe in the past is no secret. I still think he is not there yet by any means. However, I will give him the credit for two excellent free kicks. They saved our day for sure. Well done.
Terney and Holding were a little lost in the first half, but did settle. I think they can grow together. Mustafi worked hard, had to, with AMN in attendance.
Right now Palace on Sunday.This one I want a win badly. Please can the real Arsenal turn up and kick some Zaha backside.


It was a sh * t show let's be honest. Emery hasn't scooby sitting on the bench. How have these players forgotten to pass? Why is Torreria the furtherest man forward in our midfield? Check their second goal if you don't believe me! Where is the instructions? What are we doing in training exactly? How come whenever we break it gets broken down so quickly or the wrong pass is made and whenever they break they look like the harlem globe trotters as every other team that play here! What a joke, I'm just sick of this! This was a team that lost to a semi professional team for Christ sake, and they picked their strongest team. Honestly, I would dump this manager in a heartbeat.

the bsm walk

Yea I was just thinking that. My thoughts are, We were poor again in terms of performance. I have enjoyed the Europa games but apart from Pepe this performance was poor. Emery is just making it harder for himself. Things like the Ozil issue, consistent poor team performance, Taking Willock off again at half time again which is just going to destroy his confidence, its all poor management. Regarding Ozil he is just dealing with it so badly we all don't think he should be starting as first choice but we are paying him £ 350k per week and not even playing him in these games, not even on the bench with no reason is a total lack of respect for the fans and Ozil. At least Wenger saved him the embarrassment and lied and said he was inured! There is no need for it. Anyway we could have so easily lost last night and they were unlucky to lose. Without Pepe he then he would have been under even more pressure but I just feel he got away with it due to two moments of magic. I am not at all confident of seeing anything different at Palace I hope I am wrong but just cant see what he will do to get a decent performance out of the team.


I just had the game on did not really look at with any focus.

But really dont understand Emerys tactically approach or if that actually exists at this point. He was saved by two moments of brilliance because we should have lost this game.

Against Palace who knows but I don't think that many are actually confident about this team.


Virgil Van Dijk TEAMtalk

We have conceded 6 goals in 3 games in the CL this season. That's an average of 2 goals per game.

In the premier league, we have conceded 7 goals in 9 games. That's an average of 0.78 goals per game.

Quite the difference. And the CL group we're hardly out of this world. So I don't think it was all down to the more attacking midfield last night that we still looked suspicious at the back – are we being a bit overly cavalier in the CL so far this season?


I agree we need to tighten up as a team, like last season.
As the season progresses opposition teams are gonna click on the fact that we play that high line and try to exploit it like how Utd did more and more.


We have missed Alison, Adrian has done well but its plain to see that he is not in the same class as Alison, we have missed his distribution and he allows us to press much higher up the field. Last season he acted out as a sweeper at times, we have not seen that Adrian.
I wasn't sure it was the right to call to play it against United but the sooner he gets match and form the better, you could see it at times how easily he relieves pressure from the back just by seeing different angles of the game than Adrian, so I'm talking about a simple sideways pass instead of the longball and visa versa.


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What makes last night's performances by Chelsea even better is that we still have Rudiger, Emerson, Kante and Loftus Cheek all of whom are likely starters plus Christansen.

Glenn Hoddle said last night this is going to be some team in a year or two (let's hope so).

Be an interesting Summer for Frank with a very healthy transfer budget available to him too.

nine nine nine

It's really a pleasure to see this team. Players coming out from our academy who become first choice in our starting 11. I am hoping Roman Abramovich is happy and will be patient for the trophies. We lost the Super Cup by shoot out, unfortunate IMO. Frank Lampard needs time. City and Liverpool are of different class than any other Premier League team IMO and it would take 2 or 3 years for our current team to learn and to mature.

IMO yesterday was a solid performance. Ajax were unlucky to have their goal disallowed but we were unlucky too not to score more. Michy had a sitter. CHO had several decent chances. Mount had a one on one too but decided to take the narrow angle. One thing that's missing in our attack IMO is goals from corners and set-pieces. We haven't found a way yet to emulate the likes of Drogba Terry Cahill Ivanovic and before Gallas and Oak to always be a menace during attacking corners with deliveries from none other than Frank Lampard. We had 9 corners against Ajax.


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