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The most common excuses people use to avoid workout

Too tired from a long day? Too sore from yesterday's workout? We all invented – sometimes legitimate – excuses to go out in a sweat session at one point in time. But while many of our reasons for jumping off in a class or gym trip seem credible, from time to time, we pull the dog-ate-my-homework excuse trick.

New research conducted on Peerfit's behalf looked directly at the more elaborate excuses people gave for skipping the gym, and you bet the fitness community was creative.

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Typical excuses – being too tired, too hot, too cold, or eating too recently – have topped the list, and those are reasonably priced. Hey, they may even be reasons we used to cancel our classes before.

Lack of fun, being too sweaty, or not seeing results after workouts have also been on the list, and all are ways in which we lose the motivation to move forward with a healthy plan.

But when it comes to the most out-of-the-left excuses, we were not disappointed. Here are the wildest excuses of the research:

  • My cat is on fire.
  • My pancreas hurts
  • My downstairs is flooded (was not)
  • I called my instructor and told him that I had to put my son's bicycle on duty
  • I exercised in my dreams
  • I erased my pinky finger.

Yes, pain is undoubtedly a reason to skip a workout – and managing and preventing injuries should be a significant part of our wellness plan – but false floods and dream exercise are not so much.

But on the other hand, those who were able to power the excuses and almost lost the class admitted that they felt much better after the sweat. And when it comes to accountability, and making sure that you actually will appear to the class you've booked, by far the best way to work better would be with a partner.

So grab your fitness responsibility buddy, schedule the training time together and do not let the other one falter. This could be the secret to giving up these exaggerated excuses, once and for all.

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