The K-pop sex video scandal involves another artist, Entertainment News & Top Stories


SEOUL – The K-pop scandal has put another artist in hot water.

Singer Roy Kim, 25, will return to South Korea as soon as possible to be questioned by police, claiming he was among the artists Jung Joon-young, 30, shared videos of women in sex acts .

On Thursday (April 4), police registered Kim to distribute illegal photographs through chat rooms.

"Roy Kim is currently studying in the United States, but he (he is) in the process of organizing a timeline to be re-questioned as early as possible," Yonhap told Stone Music Entertainment.

Kim and Jung – who are arrested for filming and sharing illicit videos – have participated in an idol show called Superstar K in 2012.

According to the allkpop portal, Kim's father, Professor Kim Hong-taek, apologized to his students at Hongik University on the subject.

Meanwhile, 34-year-old Kangin, a member of the boyband Super Junior, revealed that he was part of the chat room Jung used to distribute videos.

But his agency stated that he was not aware of any unlawful conduct committed by members of the chat room.


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