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A moment of silence for all fallen soldiers who fell in love with the April 1 joke.

The internet can be a cold space – especially on a day like this, when hopes are heightened, only to be wildly disfigured.

Do not worry fam … we're here to expose them.

Here are the wildest pranks of this year, April Fool, that made us jump in excitement … and fall into deception.


Forbes billionaire and avid player Tan Min-Liang, better known as CEO of the Razer gaming company, has announced that he is seeking a replacement.

In a Facebook post, the Singapore businessman has launched his "succession plan," citing his best achievements.

These include reinventing the gaming gaming industry, launching the gaming phone category and a firm refusal to create the gaming appliance industry.

Take note that he is accepting applications on April 1, and his successor must be prepared to "sign personal injury waiver, leap from planes to a deserted island and be ready to fight all other candidates to the death."

He did not clarify that his post was an April 1st joke. So if it's true, the joke is on us.


Looking to spice up your kitchen … or room?

The brands are looking to capitalize on all of Singapore's latest food trends and, voila, someone from Durex has created the bag-flavored fish skin condom.

Spice up things and experience the taste of the NEW Fish Skin Condom with the Mala Hot Pot flavor. Packed with chosen hand …

Posted by Durex on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Fortunately the idea is still in the offing, with no real product – the spicy ad is a collaborative effort with the folks at The Golden Duck Co, a home-based brand best known for its savory potato chips.

Other brands that are using April Fool's to get away with the fashion movement include Sunshine Bakeries with Buttermilk and Nutrisoy with their laksa-flavored soy milk.

#SunshineBakeries We are proud to present a new flavor in our Specialty Bread range – Sunshine Bubble Milk Tea White …

Posted by Sunshine Paderies on Sunday, 31 March 2019

I've always wanted that tasty, laksa-flavored bowl, but do you need to keep your diet? Do not worry any more, because we have …

Posted by NutriSoy Singapore on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Err … no thanks.


Food is not the only thing they are swaying in front of us this April 1 with marks to play with our hearts.

In what is becoming an annual event, Ngee Ann Polytechnic has announced the construction of an underground tunnel to connect the school to the Beauty World MRT station.

But fast-thinking students should not be deceived.

After all, how could they forget the attempts of previous years, like the 2017 sleeping pods in the lobby and the "No Air Con Monday" of 2018?

Happy fam day On Air Con Monday is not real. You still have your air conditioning, please come to school …

Posted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic on Saturday, March 31, 2018

If you're tired of jokes like these, how about an escape to Laerton Island? A magical place off the west coast of Tasmania?

Too bad it does not exist.

And neither Fyre Festival 2.0, for all those who were excited about a possible continuation of the biggest failed party of 2017 that never happened.

In fact, it failed so much that a Netflix movie with the same title was commissioned.


Even the media joined the fun of April 1st.

The Independent's sociopolitical website has published a report saying that the Singapore government is recruiting more Filipinos because of a drop in Singaporean language skills.

If you have been able to read the article in its entirety, you have lost a part of your life. For all others who decided TL; DR, congratulations.

The bottom writes that the whole report is a fluke and Singaporean English skills remain among the highest in Asia.

The Malaysian star has also published an article claiming that 90% of Malaysians do not read beyond the headline.

Scroll down and you'll find a cheeky verse that says, "But you're not one of them, oh Fabulous Day! Thank you for restoring our faith, but for the rest, Happy Day of Lies :)".

On a more serious note, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said last Friday (March 29) that a new law requiring online news sites to post corrections on false news or even remove them was proposed.

If this is approved, next year's brands will have to work harder if they want to cheer us on.

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