Subreddit of the closed video game to protest against hate speech


This year, for the Day of the Lie, the video game game subreddit r / games decided to renounce frivolity. Instead, moderators took the opportunity to take a stand against toxicity, intolerance and abuse in the gaming community. In response, people lost their damn minds.

Yesterday, r / games visitors were surprised to find that they could not post new posts or comment on existing posts. The entire subnet had been closed without notice.

The reason for this interruption of regularly scheduled programming was explained in a long post at the top of the sudoddit, sent shortly after 10:30 am yesterday. In the post, r / games moderators explained that the shutdown would only be for one day and was in the service of drawing attention to the abusive and discriminatory behavior that has become prevalent in the gaming community.

"In this April Fool, we decided to take things a bit more seriously and shed some light on a growing and widespread problem that has affected the gaming community and gaming communities as a whole," wrote the moderators.

"By showing disdain or openly rejecting minority and marginalized communities, we have become more insular. In this, we miss the chance not only to show compassion for these people, but also the chance to develop our own community and diversify the demographics of those involved. Whether it's misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, racism or a host of other discriminatory practices, now is the time to stop the flow of regressive ideas and prevent them from becoming the norm. "

"Unfortunately, this inflammatory content is not an uncommon occurrence. The condescending, contemptuous, vindictive, and pessimistic attitudes we see in our day-to-day activity are troubling, especially when these interactions involve harassing or directly attacking discriminated communities. It is not uncommon to see the real problems involving these communities being trivialized, ridiculed by ignorance or, worse, by entertainment. "

To show people what they see everyday, moderators have included a link to a gallery of comments they moderated last year. The comments express the range of reprehensible ideologies, from racism to homophobia, to misogyny, to transphobia and even to the defense of pedophilia.

The moderators ended with a call for people to "do better; better, "while thanking those who care for each other and call discrimination where they see it.

The r / games sidebar describes itself as "a venue for discussion and content of informative and interesting games," and its content typically consists of links to game ads and reviewing. It's a huge subreddit, with 1.7 million subscribers at the time of writing.

The task of managing this gigantic group rests on only 29 volunteer moderators who ensure that the discussion is kept on track and that redditors abide by the r / games rules. It's a daunting task. If only 0.01% of r / games subscribers post an abusive message each, an individual moderator will have to read 586 – assuming the messages are evenly divided.

/ r / Games was blocked for April Fools, and it is not a joke of pcgaming

By reading the moderated comments, it is easy to see how reading hundreds of these messages regularly can cause emotional damage. Considering these posts reflecting the community of players, or at least one element that is allowed to thrive, is intolerable. R / games moderators hope that by taking this action, people will be encouraged to confront these visions and reflect on their own behavior as well.

In other subreddits and sections of the Internet, reactions to the shutdown of r / games have spread across the spectrum. Some applauded the moderators of r / games for taking such a decisive and visible stand against discrimination and hatred.

Others have reacted as if they were invited not to be absolute arsenic, an inexcusable violation of their human rights, and are deeply upset that social and political issues have impacted their ability to roll through a video game subredite for one (1) day.

These issues affect the ability of marginalized people to enjoy the same escapist fun every day of the year, a fact that does not mean anything to the detractors of the blockade. Paradoxically, despite their anger about the shutdown, they seem unable to feel.

r / Games turning off the sub for the day of the lie in the name of social justice is the dumbest thing I've ever seen a sub do on this site. from unpopularopinion

Fortunately, most people have appreciated the moderators' stance against widespread rot in the gaming community.

"[W]and we are deeply grateful and extremely pleased that the number of positive responses far outweighed the number of negative feedback, both via modmail and other sub-forums, as well as in other discussion forums, "wrote the game moderators. "It shows that our message has received an immense amount of support. Many thanks to all for these kind words. We appreciate them very much. "

r / games unlocked shortly after 10:30 am today, and now hosts a meta thread discussing the lock.


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