ST and CNA report that lawyer Kwa was not involved with LKY's last will, but Yahoo and the social media publish Lee's post, saying otherwise.


Two years ago, when Kwa Kim Li, who is a managing partner of the Lee & Lee law firm and cousin of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, told the Straits Times (ST) that he did not prepare the late will of the late Lee Kuan Yew, ST, was quick to publish a report informing the public about it ("Lawyer Kwa Kim Li says she did not prepare the last will of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew", June 17, 2017) along with Channel News Asia.

"Kwa, who is currently overseas, told The Straits Times:" I did not prepare the last will, "ST informed. "His statement contradicts an earlier one made by Mr. Lee Hsien Yang, who is his cousin and younger son of the late Mr. Lee."

This ST report came after PM Lee said that his father's final will was made in "very troubling circumstances." PM Lee raised the question of whether there was a conflict of interest when Mrs. Lee Suet Fern – Mr. Lee Hsien Yang's wife – helped prepare the final will as her husband would win by removing the extra share of Sister Lee Wei Ling. in the will.

But Hsien Yang replied that his wife's company did not write any of his father's wills. "The will was drafted by Kwa Kim Li of Lee & Lee," he said, referring to the sequence of events surrounding the final will. He added that the seventh paragraph of the will, in which the late Mr. Lee stated that he wanted his home to be demolished after his death, "was drafted in the direction of LKY (Lee Kuan Yew)."

It was "put into language by Lee Suet Fern, his daughter-in-law, and when he was satisfied, he asked Kim Li to insert it into his will," explained Hsien Yang. In other words, Hsien Yang was saying that Kwa was the lawyer responsible for the last will of his client, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

But with Kwa's public statement 2 years ago, she is claiming that Hsien Yang's statement is false and that she has nothing to do with her uncle's last will.

Lee Wei Ling accuses Kwa Kim Li of "lying"

Yesterday (April 30), Lee Lee's sister Lee Wei Ling wrote on his Facebook page accusing Kwa of "lying" about alleged non-involvement of his father's last will in 2013. The news was collected by sites Online as well as Yahoo News (& # 39; Lee Wei Ling accuses Kwa Kim Li's lawyer of lying about non-involvement in 2013's father's testament, April 30, 2019). So far, ST has not reported anything about the latest turnaround in the late saga of the late Mr. Lee.

"Kwa Kim Li (KKL) Lee & Lee denied involvement in the events that led to this 2013 will … KKL has lied. She also violated her duties to her client, my father, "said Wei Ling. "Lee & Lee have always been advocates for my father's personal affairs, including all his wills, proxies and advanced medical directives, including his August 2014 statement from his AMD."

As proof of the alleged involvement of Kwa, Wei Ling also attached a photo of an email allegedly sent by Kwa to the late Lee on December 12, 2013. In it, Kwa appears to tell Lee – whom she calls "uncle" . Harry "- that she will be preparing a" codicil "to reflect her discussed amendments to her will. She supposedly wrote, "I'll prepare the codicil for you (Mr. Lee) to sign this week, or when it's ready." A codicil is actually an addition or supplement that explains, modifies or revokes a will or part of one.

In her Facebook post, Wei Ling added that she has "more" evidence of correspondence between Kwa and her late father. She said, "From the end of November 2013 until Friday, December 13, 2013, my father had discussions and exchanged emails with Lee & Lee's KKL about what he wanted in his will … The signed testament my father on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 reflected these earlier discussions with his lawyer KKL. "

Wei Ling also accused his "dishonorable" brother, Lee Lee, of repeatedly claiming that his sister-in-law Lee Suet Fern had "prepared and somehow got our father to sign a will in December 2013."

New Law of Online Lies to be enacted

PM Lee's government is now in the midst of preparing a new law to combat "falsehoods online" before the upcoming general election in Singapore.

In fact, PM Lee said the proposed law would hold the online platforms accountable and enable the government to issue correction orders. "Or, in serious cases, withdrawal orders when online platforms publish false statements of fact," he said.

This law would apply to all online platforms, including those owned by traditional media, as well as gigantic Internet portals such as Facebook or Yahoo.

As can be seen in the last exchange of the saga of Lee, ST and CNA published reports saying that Kwa was not involved in the last will of Lee and did not follow up what Dr. Lee just revealed. in his post, while Yahoo and social media have posted information from Dr. Lee saying otherwise. Who's right?

If the law of falsehoods online is enacted, which online platform will the PM Lee government publicize its "falsehoods online" in relation to Mr. Lee's last will?

What do you think?


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