Seungri suffers with police questioning suspected embezzlement


Police began questioning Seungri about suspected misappropriation.

On April 10, the Investigation Team on Intellectual Crime of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that they have questioned Seungri since March 10 of KST on suspected embezzlement.

A police source said: "Since this is the first time we have questioned [Seungri] on suspicion of embezzlement, we expect the investigation to continue through the night. "

Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk were the first to steal funds from the Monkey Museum club on April 1. Police are investigating the two based on suspicion of cash flow, where a portion of the capital of Burning Sun has been tracked. to the Monkey Museum.

In addition, police found an instance where a portion of the capital of Burning Sun was traced to bank accounts under different names, which was later redirected to Seungri's personal bank accounts. Police suspect that the amount Seungri allegedly diverted totaled up to 2 billion won (approximately $ 1,717,730).

In addition, Seungri and Yoo In Suk are also accused of using funds from Yuri Holdings to pay the legal fees of a former DJ at the Monkey Museum, who was being investigated on suspicion of sexual assault.

Seungri has been questioned by police 16 times so far on suspicions, including prostitution mediation, embezzlement, illegal image sharing, and tax evasion.

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