Scarlett Johansson Can Make More Money For The Black Widow Movie Than We Thought


While Avengers: End of the Game may have flagged some emotional goodbye to fan favorites when it opened on the weekend, there is still a standalone Black Widow film in the works of Marvel, once Phase 4 begins. Although the new lineup has not yet been officially confirmed by the studio, it appears that Scarlett Johansson may be receiving a higher salary for her first solo tour, according to previous reports.

O Black Widow actress may be earning a $ 20 million range to star in and produce in her own Marvel movie. This is the jump from last year's $ 15 million prediction she said she was getting. Scarlett Johansson came close to the $ 1 million she won in 2012 Avengers.

The salary would eclipse Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans' earnings of $ 15 million for his solo films Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America Civil War. The two actors also made the same amount to Infinite War and End of the game.

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow reported earnings would also be significantly higher than that of Robert Downey Jr Iron Man first installment of $ 500,000, $ 2 million from Chadwick Boseman and $ 5 million from Brie Larson Captain Marvel winning. The difference here is that Scarlett Johansson is already an established MCU character who has previously starred in seven other studio films while those other amounts were given for the first appearance roles.

No other salary is likely to be higher than the RDJ, which makes money on the backend of Avengers The Hollywood Reporter projects the actor came out with at least $ 75 million after the success of Infinite War and Downey also apparently received $ 5 million a day for three days as Iron Man in 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming.

According to David Harbor, the film may begin filming in June, making it very likely that Black Widow will be one of the previous releases of the Fourth Phase. Many speculate that we will be seeing this on the big screen in 2020, although all Marvel ads are suspended until Spider-Man: Away From Home hits theaters in July.

The success of the actress in her own film Marvel certainly already comes from a long time, since it has been almost a decade since she first appeared as Natasha Romanoff in 2010 Iron Man. Avengers: End of the Game broke almost all the box office records in the book with its recent opening weekend of $ 1.2 billion globally. Fans may have a similar anticipation by entering Black WidowSo Johansson's $ 20 million looks like a fair payoff.


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