Police investigating pilot report e-scooter that allegedly hit child along Orchard Road


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Police said on Saturday (April 20) they were investigating a report against a cyclist who allegedly struck a child along the catwalk in front of the Orchard Shopping Center on Friday night.

A video circulating on social media showed a man, who appeared to be the father of the child, and a scooter rider arguing with each other. A woman can be seen holding the man behind, trying to calm him down.

The video also shows three women watching a boy in a yellow shirt.

The father can be heard saying, "You hit my son." To which the e-scooter driver replied, "Then you must take care of your son."

Facebook user Andy Yeu Mai said the child's father "punched" the e-scooter rider, who "was buzzing too fast" along the runway before reaching the son of man. The accident, he said, happened around 9pm.

Deliveroo said in response to CNA queries that the company has a zero tolerance approach to those who break the rules of the road and put others at risk.

"Deliveroo requires all riders to comply with local rules and regulations," a spokesman said.

"If we have discovered that a cyclist has endangered a pedestrian in this way, we will stop working with him. We will cooperate with the competent authorities, as much as possible." said.

He added that Deliveroo pilots are required to complete an introductory traffic safety guidance program and encourages pilots to participate in monthly safe driving programs that it organizes with the Land Transport Authority.


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