NUS will convene review committee after graduation calls for & # 39; justice & # 39; against the man who filmed her in the shower


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore's National University (NUS) said on Saturday it would convene a committee to review its current disciplinary and support frameworks after a university student took social media to ask for tougher action against a student who filmed her bathing in her hostel.

In a series of Instagram Stories on Friday (April 19), Ms Monica Baey revealed that she had caught a colleague studying her in the shower of the hostel with a cell phone in November last year.

"We regret the harrowing experience of Miss Monica Baey, who is of utmost concern to the University," NUS said in response to CNA queries.

"We are in the process of reaching out to her to offer our support and assistance," he added.

"I need to know you're taking a real action"

The 23-year-old said she filed a police report after the incident. Among the evidence presented is the filming of the suspect "trying to get into different restrooms to find his victim" as well as the video he recorded from her in the shower, she said.

"The result of the entire investigation was a 12-month conditional notice," Baey wrote, adding that this would mean that the suspect would only have "a real punishment" if he relapsed next year.

Ms Baey said she tried to appeal for a heavier sentence, but was told by the investigator "You just have to accept the outcome" or "go to NUS and push for action."

"I'm seriously distressed.My mental health sucks because of this incident.I live in fear.

"I need to know that you're going to take action and let the rest of the school know that what happened is wrong and will not be tolerated. wrote Ms Baey, appearing to approach the university.

Ms Baey also revealed the identity of the suspect as well as a screenshot of a letter he allegedly wrote as required by the NUS.

"I am writing this letter to apologize formally for my despicable and inappropriate action that took place at Eusoff Hall in the last week of November and being under heavy alcoholic influence is no excuse," the letter said.

"I am extremely ashamed of what I did and I am sorry to have traumatized you in this way, no one should go through such a traumatic experience," he continued.


NUS said Saturday that the NUS president will convene a committee to review current disciplinary and support structures and hopes to share the study's findings and follow-up actions in the new school year.

The committee, which will be represented by the NUS Board of Directors, will study approaches taken by other international institutions and solicit input from various stakeholders.

"What has been committed is serious … When such offenses are committed, the NUS Disciplinary Board, which includes representatives of students and teachers, will also conduct its own disciplinary procedures," said NUS.

NUS said that some of the factors the NUS Disciplinary Board considers are: The seriousness of the offense, the need for justice for the victim, the student's rehabilitation needs, the safety of the NUS community, and the decisions and penalties imposed. authorities.

"We have heard concerns expressed by members of our community and the public about having a safer, more supportive campus environment and recognize that advances in camera technology can be easily abused," he said.

The CNA had previously asked for police comments. The CNA also sought further clarification from the NUS.


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