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Marvel Studios spoils Avengers: Endgame and fans are fired, Entertainment News

It's raining Avengers: End Game spoilers and no one's safe.

Although the opening weekend of the film is over and people are more relaxed about letting out a few spoilers, it still seems like a delicate moment for those who have not been lucky enough to get tickets.

There are even articles on avoiding spoilers.

But what if the "perpetrator" is Marvel Studios itself? How can you defend yourself against what you can not see coming?

In its new Endgame teaser that was released yesterday (April 29), Marvel Studios released a slew of spoilers, including things that were digitally edited during the pre-release trailers.


The 15-second teaser is filled with Easter eggs, so venture out at your own risk!

On the teaser, we can see Thor-bod Thor summoning Mjolnir and Stormbreaker to his hands, Professor Hulk and Pepper Potts as Rescue kicking a ** and taking names with Iron Man.

The post undoubtedly ended with the hashtag #DontSpoilTheEndgame and the irony was not lost to the fans when Twitter user FinFett called them.

Photo: Twitter / MarvelStudios

Another user, jamesmoore194, joked that the fans "got more in this clip than 15 seconds (they) in the first hour of the movie".

Well, as we watch the movie ourselves, there's some truth to it.

Other users creatively employed the use of GIFs with iconic characters in response to the post, including Robert Downey Jr., exasperated.

A YouTube user even commented that Marvel Studios is leaking spoilers because it "grossed more than a billion dollars."

Now, we do not know if the people at Marvel Studios read AsiaOne, but the last time a man openly revealed spoilers, he was reportedly beaten.

Also we are not sure what the final game of Marvel Studios is (see what we did there?), If any.

Maybe they thought it was relatively safe since the opening weekend and most would have watched.

However, it seems that commentators, even those who watched the film, disagree.

In fact, the Marvel Movie Universe phenomenon and its hallmark of keeping the details of the film close to the waistcoat came up in a discussion about spoiler paranoia in pop culture and the social media etiquette being policed.

The topic of when would be a safe time to actually release spoilers was also floating.

In any case, if you're the type who does not like to hear or read anything about the movie then our suggestion would be to stay totally offline because even the headlines of the articles are alluding to the main details of the plot.

For others, tread cautiously because between Endgame and Game of Thrones, social media has become a landmine of spoilers.

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