Mars is a ghost habitat – scientists


Марс является местом обитания привидений - ученые

Official science believes the Red Planet is dead, while ufologists and conspiracy theorists assume there are aliens. Supposedly "little green men" hidden under the ground, where whole cities can be built. Another option, introduced recently, Mars is a ghost habitat.

Write about the novelties of the Paranormal.

Experts during the study of the images of the red planet captured by the NASA Rover "Curiosity" noticed the strange bright object that can not be a random beam of light. The fact that the device captured from different angles.

Some ufologists and ghost hunters have decided it's about the humanoid creature. It can be like a ghost and a Martian, because we do not know exactly what the aliens look like. It is important to note that the three images form a slightly different shape, plus the object floating at a height of several tens of centimeters.

As suggested by experts in the field of the paranormal, Mars can find the ghosts of dead humanoids. If a man has a soul, it is logical to suppose that other beings are also available. Perhaps the aliens have eternal life, however, in the period of reincarnation, their materializovyvatsya souls in various places. Of course, this is just speculation, but they may be true.

Previously, Mars was the flight "Tesla" Elon musk.


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