LTA to launch more digital services, including the VEP online application


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Foreign car and motorcycle drivers may soon be asked to enter a vehicle entry permit (VEP) before entering Singapore, the LTA (Land Transport Authority) announced on Wednesday.

This is one of several new digital services that will be available on the One.Motoring website from November 26th.

Registered vehicle owners abroad can apply for VEP on the site and collect and pay for VEP or Autopass cards from the LTA offices at Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoints when their applications are approved, the LTA said.

Related services such as vehicle insurance registration updates, online payment and delivery of VEP or Autopass cards will be launched next year, LTA added.

For car owners in Singapore, drivers may transfer ownership of the vehicle, discounts of the Preferred Additional Registration Fee (PARF) and Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and Temporary COE through the site. They will also be able to access the site to cancel registration. your vehicles or authorize a third party to help dispose of your vehicle.

SingPass or CorpPass (2FA) 2-factor authentication will be required for new digital services. It will be used to confirm and complete transfers securely and eliminate the need to separately apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN), the LTA said.


Over the course of six months from November, the LTA will move away from the use of printed letters to update vehicle owners about transactions, except by call. SMS notifications and electronic letters sent to One.Motoring accounts will be used in place.

"For example, when it's time to renew a vehicle's road tax, owners will receive an SMS alert to log on to the One.Motoring site using SingPass / CorpPass 2FA to retrieve their electronic letters and complete the transaction," LTA said.

Vehicle owners will be notified about the shift via mail. Those who choose to receive notifications through letters beyond the six-month period may choose to do so.

Digital services may also be available at electronic kiosks at the LTA office at Sin Ming. By 2020, the LTA intends to have a query-based system for its over-the-counter services, he said.


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