Lee Dong Wook draws attention for his hearty advice to "produce X 101" in training at the 2nd classification ceremony


In the last episode of "Produce X 101", MC Lee Dong Wook impressed the viewers with his kind words to several of the participants.

On June 21, the broadcast of the Mnet survival program featured the program's second rating ceremony, and as the participants progressed to the next round, Lee Dong Wook seemed to sympathize more than ever with his emotional struggles.

Lee Dong Wook not only comforted the trainees eliminated and enthusiastically applauded those who had risen in the rankings, but also demonstrated his support and concern for the competitors whose classification has fallen since the last ceremony.


After finishing second in the first elimination ceremony, Kim Min Kyu of Jellyfish Entertainment surprised the other competitors by falling unexpectedly to number 10 in the last rankings. After Kim Min Kyu went to the stage and thanked the fans who voted for him, Lee Dong Wook asked the trainee in a gentle voice: "From the episode last week, you kept fighting to contain your tears. Do not you usually cry often or are you holding on because it's on television? "

Kim Min Kyu replied, "I do not think it's time for me to cry yet, so from a certain point, I found myself struggling to fight back my tears."

Lee Dong Wook responded kindly, "It's good to hold back your tears, but it's also good to cry." If you're going through a difficult time, it's okay to cry and there's no problem in trusting others. [your pain] with others. You do not have to suffer alone. Besides, at your age, it's okay to cry.

Upon hearing his thoughtful advice, Lee Jin Woo of Maroo Entertainment commented, "Wow, I just cried your words."

Lee Dong Wook continued: "The tenth place is still high. Keep in mind that you still have room to climb and hopefully show the country's producers a lot of good things. Congratulations."

Later, at the ceremony, Kim Yo Han of OUI Entertainment – who claimed the number 1 during the first round of eliminations – came in third. After hearing the trainee's comments, Lee Dong Wook said apologetically: at Level A from the beginning, and although it was not my intention, I think you ended up suffering a lot as a result. "

However, Kim Yo Han made Lee Dong Wook smile when he replied, "I think that's why I was able to grow so much [on the show].

The actor then told the participant: "Although you have won two places in the rankings, third place is not a place for anyone. Congratulations."

"Producing X 101" will air on Fridays at 11pm. KST Check out the full results of the second qualifying ceremony here!

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