James Milner on what impressed him most about Liverpool this season


In many respects, it was an observation entirely in keeping with his practical and realistic personality.

This, however, made no less certain when James Milner pointed to what he considers the most impressive aspect of the Liverpool season.

"We all know how well we can play, we proved that last year when we detonated teams at certain times," says the Reds' deputy captain.

"But when we did not play well and had to play outside and get to the 90 minutes to win the games, that's what impressed me the most, digging clean sheets in tight matches."

When things get tough, Jurgen Klopp's team has made that campaign.

That determination and strength left Liverpool at the top of the Premier League last month and helped him take a 2-0 lead into the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday night .

James Milner celebrates scoring against Fulham

Everything was quiet around the Dragon Stadium, while Milner addressed the media on Tuesday night before the match.

It will be a bit different when a roaring crowd expects to witness Porto replicating their feat of the previous round and turning a first-leg deficit into their own field and for the first time in their history returning from 2 -0 in Europe.

And Milner reads nothing in the 5-0 triumph Liverpool have made here last season's last 16.

"We know how difficult it will be, for sure," he says. "Last year's result was a little fake. They had the odd chances. We were very clinical on the counterattack and we saw how good they are in the other two games.

"We always knew that. But some of the conversations that I think were very disrespectful, if I were the Port.

"They are a very good side and were for us last year, if I were in the Porto dressing room, I would be wanting to have one on top of us for sure. This makes it even harder for us.

"It's good to have a cushion, but one of the goals of each team completely changes the appearance of the tie.

"The atmosphere will play an important role as well. The club has a very good European history and is accustomed to winning trophies.

Steven Gerrard with the European Cup
Steven Gerrard with the European Cup

"When you get to those places, the crowd knows when the team needs help. It will be a special atmosphere and they will be right behind the team. It's important how we started the game and we tried to nullify it.

"It is important the experiences we have gained as a side in recent years, going to nights like the ones we will experience on Wednesday. You know that if you have five difficult minutes in the game, you've been there before and managed to get through it. "

Milner adds: "In the long season, when you are pressing for trophies and the Champions League, it is difficult 15, 20, 45 minutes when you are not in your game, you can keep a clean sheet and regroup and get a result and we have managed to do this. I hope it continues.

"There is a confidence in the cast and not an overconfidence, which is very important."

If closing the crowd will be Liverpool's main goal on Wednesday, ignorance has shown well-being in another aspect.

James Milner is embraced by Jurgen Klopp after the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Liverpool

Milner accepts that while it has not been easy to banish the chatter around the Reds' campaign, focus has been central to their continued strides toward silver potential.

"There's obviously a lot of talk out of the locker room a long time ago about the first title in years and things like that, but as a group, we're focused on our goals and we focus on what's going on in the locker room," he says.

"There is not much talk about what is happening and what can happen at this stage of the season, in fact.

"It's how we are all season. We are training in the same way, the mentality of entering the games is the same, that is what we can concentrate on, one game at a time and continue to press.

"It's a great success in the dressing room that every game is equal to the next game. There is a lot of talk outside the locker room and in the media and social media, so it is very difficult to get away from it. But the guys are just focusing on our side and what we can control. "

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